Wonderland – Dhruv Arora


Wonderland - dhruv arora 1Skimming down and kissing the façade
Was the stream, the concoction of eternal and perpetual magnificence
Flashing in my eyes like an infant star
All it reflected back to me was the assortment of my own sins
And the solution left within, just one
To appreciate the life bestowed upon me

Covered the eyes with fingers brimming with malevolence
Walked towards the only light in absolute obscurity
Knowing my consciousness is fighting my numbness
Diminishing all sensation of self-confiding surety
Knowing the devil that dwelled within
Took one step towards the waters blinding sparkle
Let thy touch get rid of my sins
“Save me, protect me, shield me from the shadows
Elevate your trust in myself so that I
I’d perhaps rise up and meet your expectation”
As my fingers went through the stream of innocence
I felt the genuineness of existence within me
Predicting that I and my faith within
Will get me rid of all my sins
I let loose my body, the corpse of my living endeavor
Within the light of consciousness
I got rid of my sins, got rid of them all
In the extreme magnificence of this wonderfall
A world of dreams, a castle of sand
There is no doubt, this is my wonderland.

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