Women’s Day Special

Women are the embodiment of a mother, a wife and a daughter. The three pillars of every man’s life. The pillars that serve to both shelter him when he is tired and support him to regain his strength if he falls down. It is often said that a women’s tears have the potential to bring down kingdoms and history has taught us that it is indeed true. Today, on the 13th of February, 2014 as India celebrates National Women’s Day to acknowledge its feminine population and commemorate the 135th birth anniversary of Late Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, I take this opportunity to thank every women who walked into my life and changed it somehow or the other in her own way, all for the better. My words may seem hollow to some for not all things happen for the better (or so we think) but then, isn’t anything that makes us stronger or gives us the opportunity to become stronger, something we should always cherish?

Before I venture any further, let us first pay our homage to The Nightingale of India; a poet with a voice that was both innocent and wise, a freedom fighter whose cry made the oppressor wary of her, an activist who pressed for women empowerment and liberalism in a patriarchal society and an administrator who holds the distinction of being the first woman Governor of an Indian state. These are just a few feathers in her adorable cap; to count them all is beyond the scope of my meager abilities! I remember reading her poem, The Soul’s Prayer when I was in my high school. The lines “Life is a prism of My light, And Death the shadow of My face” are till today etched in my memory. The beautiful way in which Mrs. Naidu has summarized her knowledge of spirituality is simply splendid. Till today, each time I speak these lines to myself, I somehow end up finding a different meaning than the one I figured out earlier. They never seem to stop amazing me, much like life itself! I guess that is what Mrs. Naidu herself wanted to imply; that the spectrum of colours in life is endless. Only the shadow of God in the form of death can help us understand them completely.

May her soul watch over us from Above!

Returning to the present times, I feel proud to see how much India has changed. From Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to Ms. Saina Nehwal, Indian women have sure come a long way. They have brilliantly merged their earlier role as a home maker with various professions to become super moms and super doper wives and girlfriends (Forgive me mom!L). There has been a change not just in their roles but in their outlook to life as well. A whole new era has been ushered in. But the pertinent question is- Have we done it all right or did our women bring along some vices in their race against time, some that were better left to the modernized world only? And has our society really evolved enough in order to accept our women in their new avatars? With the news channels buzzing with cases of atrocities against women, I have a serious doubt whether it is time to celebrate. In Robert Frost’s words “And Miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” We still have a long way to go.

None the less, a very Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies out there! Have a blast! It’s Kiss Day as well so practically, India is basking in full feminine glory and you have full right to take your toll on it today!

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