Why You Need to Start Using Eley Water Hoses

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Do you even know what your garden water hoses are made from? Is your current water hose drinking water safe? If you have no idea what materials your garden hose is made of, or if it is drinking water safe and why it should matter- then it may be time for you to consider something better and healthier. Here are just a few facts about why you need to start using Eley water hoses.

Benefits of buying a garden hose reel

black audio jack on white marble tableThere are many advantages to buying a garden hose reel. Almost everyone who owns a home also owns a garden hose for watering plants, filling pools, and dozens of other uses. However, long garden hoses can be cumbersome and hard to store. They tangle, kink, and can cause serious falls if they are tripped over.

A reel will not only store the hose safely but there are many different varieties that can complement any décor or landscape. Not only do these reels provide ample and safe storage, but there are many that are on wheels, which also provide portability.

With such a variety to choose from, from garden centers to the Internet, buying a garden hose reel has never been easier.

Different kinds of hose reels

What is the best way to choose a garden hose reel? There are many different kinds, and they range from very simple to high-tech versions that retract the hose with a push of a button. Style goes hand in hand with cost, and the more complicated the reel, the more money one is going to spend.

There are reels mounted onto portable carts, wall-mounted reels, decorative reels, and even ones that retract with hydropower.

In order to match the right reel with the right environment, individuals should consider how often they use their hose, what they use it for, and what kind of hose they have.

Regular garden hoses that are used for watering will fit nicely on a standard reel that can be bolted to the side of a wall or fence. Once the hose has been used, a crank can be turned that will pull the hose up onto the reel for neat storage. For those who desire form as well as function, there are decorative reels that are designed to both keep the hose stored and look beautiful. For those who use hoses that are heavy-duty, a larger, more durable reel will be needed.

Some of these reels have the capacity to hold industrial hoses, such as those that are used in car washes, firehouses, and construction sites, where other reels would buckle under their weight. Depending on the type, some of these reels can cost up to two hundred dollars.

Types of cranks

A garden hose reel works by attaching one end of the hose to the hardware that is fitted on the reel. When the handle is turned, the hose retracts and winds up neatly on the spool, where it can stay stored until the next use. There are several different kinds of cranks to choose from. Some can be mounted on either the right or left-hand side, depending on the preference of the user.

High-end hose reels have hands-free winding that operates with the flick of a switch, thanks to a hydro-powered piston that turns the gears inside of the reel. This kind of garden hose reel is perfect for the elderly, those who have limited mobility, or arthritis.

While they are convenient and easy to use, they are more expensive than hand crank reels and can cost up to five or six hundred dollars.green rope on blue and white plastic container

Why Eley Water Hoses are Drinking-Water Safe and Why It is Essential

Many hoses today are made out of polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. PVC uses lead as a stabilizer. PVC hoses often carry a warning; for example, all PVC hoses are required to have a warning label in the State of California.

Unfortunately, this warning is either printed in virtually unreadable, microscopic font or on the underside of a label, which is easy to miss until you bring the hose home. Or, worse, hoses that leach lead don’t come with a warning at all.

It would help if you started using Eley water hoses because they are not made from PVC and are 100% drinking water safe. Additionally, Eley water hoses do not have other chemicals lurking in the hoses found in a home improvement warehouse isle. Eley water hoses are:

BPA free.

Some garden hoses can contain BPA, which is typical for plastic goods. According to several studies, BPA can affect your health. For just one example, it has been linked to increased blood pressure. This is caused by plastic hoses that are left under the sun’s heat, which then reacts to the plastic. There is a high chance that if you do not know what your garden hose is made from and leave it filled with water under the sun, it could become contaminated with BPA.


Eley hoses and even components are lead-free. Some hoses have been found to contain more than 100ppm of lead, which is unacceptable, as even the tiniest amounts of lead can lead to dangerous health conditions. There’s no safe limit for lead.

Phthalates free.

Did you know that it is estimated that roughly 75% of garden hoses on the market today still contain phthalates? Phthalate is a type of chemical that is still added to many cosmetics and plastics as it makes them flexible and soft. This chemical can cause damage to the endocrine system, lower intelligence and even cause behavioral changes, hormonal imbalance, and sterility in men.

Additionally, sometimes even the metal fixtures do not adhere to safety standards with other water hoses. In some cases, the hose may be completely safe but the connecters may contaminate water. This is why you need to start using Eley water hoses and reels today. They meticulously ensured every part of their hoses is BPA, Lead, and Phthalate free.

They also provide any metal components that are free from these dangerous chemicals as well. Eley water hoses are 100% drinking safe for you, your pets, your family, and your garden. If you aren’t already using an Eley water hose and reel, switch today!

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