Why You Need an Apron When You Work In the Medical Field

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When you are working in the medical field, you are required to wear an apron. Have you ever wondered why that is?

For Protection

The major reason why you need an apron when you work in the medical field is to protect you and the patient.

For instance, if you are in the x-ray department, you need to use an x-ray apron that will protect you from radiation emitted by the machine. The aprons worn by radiographers are made using lead and other metals such as barium and tin and they are commonly referred to as lead aprons.

One such type of apron is the Techno Aide aprons.

Other medical professionals put on an apron to protect them and the patient from exchanging bodily fluids, which can result in the transmission of infections.

You will need to use disposable aprons when performing procedures in which bodily fluids or blood may splash or when you are helping a patient with their personal hygiene.

For Easy Identification   

Imagine going to a hospital and you can’t differentiate between a patient and a medical officer or between a nurse and a doctor.

An apron helps to set apart these differences. The apron worn by a nurse is different from that won by a doctor.

Also, aprons are color-coded to set them apart for different procedures. Apron for patient care has a different color from those used in isolation or those used for other purposes such as in food service or in the kitchen.

For Hygiene

Medical professionals are exposed to many contaminants and dirt while in the line of duty. They come into contact with body fluids, blood, excretions, and secretions.

That is why aprons are included as part of personal protective equipment. Not only to protect the health care workers and patients against the contaminants but also to protect their clothing.

Studies have shown that medical professionals’ clothing can be contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms such as staphylococcus aureus. Without an apron, these can be transmitted to other patients or cause illness to the medical practitioner.

To maintain high standards of hygiene, it is recommended that an apron must be changed when giving care between patients to prevent microorganisms from being transmitted. You wouldn’t want infected blood or body fluids from one patient to be transmitted to another because you failed to change.

When you wear an apron, you are not worried about your clothes getting soiled, or transmitting an infection from you to the patient or from the patient to you.

Makes It Easy To Perform an Operation

Imagine performing a medical procedure while worrying about getting an infection or soiling your clothes. That will make you distracted, make the procedure difficult to perform and may cause you to make mistakes.

Remember, medical mistakes can be fatal.

However, when you wear an apron, your mind is only focused on the operation. This way, it is easy for you to perform the operation since there are no distractions.

Besides, you are unlikely to make grievous medical mistakes since you are focused.

Now you know why it is important for you to wear an apron when you work in the medical field. Not only will it protect you, the patients and your clothes, but it also helps you to remain focused on the task at hand.

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