Why Malabrigo Yarn is The Best Yarn To Buy

If you’re into knitting or crocheting, you probably go through a ton of yarn. Visiting your local craft store has probably familiarized you with all the different yarns offered and what crafts they’re best for. If you want to take your projects to the next level, you should look into using Malabrigo yarn. The unique yarn is sold in stores across the world including many sites in North America. You can even find Malabrigo yarn online here.

Malabrigo yarn is a family owned company that began with two brother-in-laws that dyed wool in their kitchen back in 2005. They were realizing how successful they were at what they were doing and expanding their business into America and Europe. The Malabrigo yarn company was growing so rapidly that they had to relocate to actual facilities where they were able to hire more employees and produce more yarn.

At their facilities located in Uruguay, employees dye and package yarn in a clean and fun work environment. Because Malabrigo prides themselves in being a sustainable approach to producing yarn, they added a thermal heating system in 2010 that enabled them to lower their environmental footprint. The sun is able to heat their water tanks in which they use to create the hand dyed yarn. They also have practices in which they utilize very few chemicals and only a limited amount of water in their production line. Malabrigo is an employer that does not discriminate. They hire women of all ages as well as people with fewer opportunities than the average person.

Malabrigo yarn is hand-dyed, soft, and comes in various natural colors. They use the softest fibers found across the globe and create by means of inspiration. Altogether, Malabrigo offers 18 yarn varieties and 300 different colors.

The company believes that knitting and crocheting is a great activity to be a part of, therefore they’re passionate in providing these crafters with the best quality products.

Malabrigo yarn is made with 100% Uruguayan Merino wool because of its’ extreme high quality and softness. The wool that Malabrigo uses is produced 100% on Uruguayan farms with the purpose of sustainable practices. The free-range sheep are herded by old-styled Shepard’s rather than using other controversial practices. Some yarns do utilize silky merino, mora, and silkpaca, other materials that are also gathered with sustainable practices. Malabrigo can assure that all materials come from excellent suppliers that meet their standards and share their values.

The quality of Malabrigo yarn is sure to sell you on its own when it comes to using their yarn over other branded yarn, but their sustainability practices is also a reason to buy from them. They are constantly looking to update their technology and practices to become a greener company. Their Superwash manufacturing process now meets Oeko-Tex standards, meaning their yarn does not include any harmful substances that are typically found in manufacturing. These include:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Toxins
  • Carcinogens

Instead they use resin, which is the coating used in facial tissues and paper towels in your kitchen.

As discussed before, the flat-plate thermal heating system is used to minimize the company’s environmental footprint. For this reason, Malabrigo yarn is some of the best and safest yarn you can purchase.

You can find instructions to crafts and patterns and kits you can purchase here. If you’re new to the crafting world or if you’re an old-timer, Malabrigo yarn is some of the highest quality yarn you can find. Using this yarn in crafts like blankets, pillowcases, scarfs, hats, and mittens is ideal because of the sustainable approach used to produce the yarn. It’s more than safe to snuggle with or even wear. Check out the different Malabrigo yarn fibers offered along with their varying colors offered today and get going on that new project you can feel good about as soon as possible.

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