Why Engineering for Graduation?

Manipal Pillai Student

Now that you are almost done with all your exams, this should be the first question you should think about. Why am I stressing on it? It is because most of us end up taking engineering not because we like it, but rather because it is the only “safe” option remaining. Nobody really gives a damn about interest, future goals etc while selecting their undergraduate degree, which is where people make a mistake, and end up regretting their choice.

A few points about engineering

(1) Engineering is perhaps one of the most demanding degrees, with endless number of assignments and tests. God save you if you hate the very branch you are studying.

(2) Although Engineering does give you a good shot at a job once you graduate, it comes at a cost. Engineering degrees cost a bombshell in private colleges (higher fees than MBA and lower only to Medical Colleges). In case you are not financially well off, please pursue engineering in a government college (much less fees) or pursue a different career. Why I say this is because, a large number of people pursue higher studies after graduating (MBA,MS etc), which are very expensive (20-22 lakhs for MBA and 50 lakhs to 1 crore for MS), and this is a non starter if you already have taken a large loan for engineering and thus have to delay your plans for higher studies.

(3) The MBA factor. MBA remains among the top choices for engineers once they graduate. MBA batches in IIMs and other top B-schools until a few years back used to have 90%+ engineers. Now the focus is on having an increased diversity, and thus engineers are getting butchered in final selection, despite having higher merit. Diversity in this case means any other degree apart from engineering. 4th years and above would second this.

(4) Packages are very misleading. How wonderful would it be if I the highest package. This is precisely where many people go wrong. While choosing package over interest, you are taking a very big gamble. This holds true for the CS related branches. Getting a 3 digit rank does not mean that CS is the branch you should be taking. Many of my friends chose CS related branches due to their high rank or by the lure of packages, and they are struggling with the course. Thus their earlier illusions about packages has gone for a toss. You get paid well in CS only if you are damn good at the job. Similarly, core branches like Mechanical,EEE may not have the highest of starting salaries, but that shouldn’t be the

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