Why Cricket Betting is So Popular in South Asia?

Whether its Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India or any other south Asian countries, cricket betting is very popular everywhere. Why? Because who would never want to watch one of their favorites play and win some cash at the same time? Well, this is not it. Let us know some of the other factors that make cricket betting famous in South Asian countries.

The game itself: None of the South Asian countries has cricket as their national game. Still, most of the people have their and heart, soul and mind dedicated to cricket, especially in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. They watch the game together and enjoys every moment of success with the team. However, none of them can match the excitement that you can get, as a wager.

Easy money: Another reason that promotes cricket betting is its nature to earn quick money. There are areas in Pakistan and Sri Lanka where people are impoverished, and it’s the reason they want to make money in a fast manner. Believe or not, but the reports say that every ODI played has $200 billion illegal money riding on it. The number is only for India. Now, imagine the amount if we include all the south Asian countries. No one can ignore to win something from such a vast amount, let alone the poor.

Various platforms are available: Cricket betting is not limited to phone calls or messages nowadays. Whether it’s South Asia countries or the rest of the world, there are various online platforms available for betting. Online betting is safe even in countries wherein cricket gambling is banned or restricted.

Every other person in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka has smartphones, which makes easy to access the online bookmakers. As the smartphone is gathering more and more audience after each passing year, the popularity of online cricket betting will also see a rise in recent times.

Spend free time on weekends: If you notice, most of the high octane matches are conducted on weekends. Example, in IPL the clashes between RCB and CSK or MI and CSK, MI and RCB are very famous, so these matches are always scheduled either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Many wagers invest in betting sites because they are habitual. However, many wagers want to spend their leisure time in style by earning some extra cash.

Not difficult to understand: Whether its cricket or the game of betting, both of them are easy to understand. For cricket, there are a lot of data available online. Even during the match, the commentators talk about the past and current form of player. Moreover, you can check on-screen statistics whenever a new bowler or batsman comes to play.

If you have the knowledge as well as experience of cricket, then you will win the bet. If you lose later try to concentrate even more and understand the given data in a better way next time. It’s the reason why cricket betting is popular in India and other countries because everyone here realizes the game.

Support favorite team: In South Asia, there are countries wherein everyone loves cricket. Example, if India is playing with Australia or Pakistan, then many cricket watchers bet on the Indian team, to show their support. Among the friends, family members or colleagues, it’s widespread to place a bet on the winning team, which batsman will make the century or bowler taking most wickets, etc. The scenario is similar to Bangladesh or Sri Lanka; wherein everyone is passionate about cricket.

Excitement: When everything is a stake, the heart skips a beat. That’s what most of the wagers like about cricket betting; the feel, the excitement, and if they win, the celebration. Some of the gamblers cannot work anywhere because they only know about cricket and how to make money out of it. The number of such players is high in South Asian countries.

We know that cricket betting is illegal in India and many other South Asian countries, even then the resident of this region enjoy the gambling through online bookmakers. Now we know the reasons. However, from our point of view, the first reason behind cricket betting popularity is quick and fast money.

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