Why College Parties Are the Best Parties You’ll Have EVER!

Parties are always our saviors from the monotony of life, but they’re much more happening in college. After all, they are an essential part of our whole “college experience.” After settling down in life, you will realize what this journey meant to each one of you.

To all these parties and to the ones more to come!

College Parties Are the Best, Here’s Why!

You must have heard it from several people, college life is heaven. It’s one thing that will be afresh in your memory for ages. And, to top that, come in action the college parties. Compare with any outing, college parties will be the best and shall remain so. Let us tell you why!

  1. You Don’t Get Any Younger

Just answer this simple question. When will you ever get another chance to enjoy time carelessly and have it socially accepted? No sooner.

Besides, even if you get a chance, you will not be 20 again. So, take the edge of making connections, afternoon drinking, late night adventures, and early morning disasters while you still can.

  1. They Leave You With Stories

We all can agree, for one thing, college parties, and the journey all over rewards you with memories. Would it be fair if you spend all your college time studying? We do not discourage you from devoting time to academics. However, some time for partying does no harm.

When you meet your friends for a reunion, some years down the line, you’ll just need to grab a cup of tea or coffee and read aloud your notebook of memories. Time well spent is cherished forever!

festive once upon a time

  1. Because You Can Enjoy Singlehood or Courtship

After few years of passing the college, most of us think of settling down. We try to find a confidant & mellow the madness. Therefore, college parties are the best ones to enjoy your life of singlehood or courtship. The drunk stories and college hook-ups make a good combination.

  1. The Never-Ending Happy Hours

In college, you don’t really need a reason to celebrate. One day it’s a birthday in your group, another day there might be a competition won by someone. Parties never stop and neither do the happy hours. Everyone is up for enjoyment. You do not have to ring each other up and search for a date when you all have a day-off.

Work together and stay together at parties as well!

  1. Over-Flowing Student Discounts

Hail the discounts on students ID! Mark our words, you’re going to miss them. Surely, there are corporate discounts when you are employed but c’mon, the student discounts will be appreciated. These discounts are life saviors when you’re broke & still wanna treat your mates.

Graduation meme

  1. Exhausted, yet Fit

In the first place, there’s no such thing as too much partying. You are youthful and energetic. Moreover, your body will burn calories like nobody’s business. Take benefit of this. Okay, there might be some exaggeration, but you also get a reason to burn the calories later, don’t you!

  1. Responsibility Is a Far Cry

Responsibility? Is that even a thing? Sure, it is. However, in college time there’s too less of it.

So, hit a midnight concert or visit a club because the clock wheel won’t turn back. Going to parties in college will always be missed when you grow up. That’s majorly because you are too occupied juggling between the office routine and the family.

  1. Small Gatherings Mark Milestones

As a matter of fact, most people say that the college friendships go a long way. We can’t agree more. Going to parties in college is another way to mix up with the crowd and come out of the shells. On the other hand, eating together, dancing all night long and spending time encourages bonds that cannot be broken.


Do all these small things remind you of your college parties? Or you’re yet to experience one? Whatever it is, once you sail the college ship, you’ll know college parties are the best parties. And those times never come back. So, make it worth!

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