Where are we going?

Staff Writer | Harshit Mishra

As I write this article I am in the middle of my EVS class. This article is going to be a reflection, an insight in my mind. About what I have thought from several months and I am certain that most of the people are wondering the same.

Before that you need to know what has brought me to write it. So, this story begins in class 11 when I decided to prepare for IIT-JEE. I was a light-hearted, easy-going boy. Like everyone else most of my time went in sports and gaming with my friends but soon everything changed. I joined coaching classes which made my schedule quite hectic. The day began at 6 am and ended at around 9 pm when I reached home. With my brain and body completely exhausted, I had to complete stuff for school. The only thing that kept me going was the lies. Lies that our parents and teachers would feed us. Each day we were told to imagine the lives we would have after getting into the so called elite colleges. Our lives  would be settled with happiness once and for all. It did not happen.  Although I managed to get admission into MIT, Manipal, a college which has a great reputation, I cannot find the happiness I was promised. After getting here I have a whole new set of promises so I feel cheated. Don’t you think that most of our lives are based on lies? Lies that makes us live in some fantasy, because reality is too harsh to accept. We all are working for our future. To make our future worth living by struggling every moment in the present. But isn’t our present our future?

Growing up in the age of DC and Marvel, who doesn’t admire Batman or Ironman? Who doesn’t want to be like them? RICH FAMOUS making new stuff! I was always fascinated by technology and still I am. So I decided that my first priority will be doing good in entrance exams and then investing my time in something innovative at college.

Something that would force me to wake up in the morning, not with utter frustration, but with passion. However, most of my time is now spent in the classes not to learn anything but merely for attendance. It’s not my passion that wakes me up but the intense pressure of low attendance and getting detained that makes me go to class.

We study here most of the things that appears to be irrelevant or rather incomplete. We are being trained not to lead but to serve. Sometimes I ask myself some questions, tough questions and I get answers too, but I am too afraid to face them and to accept them. Today I am young, enthusiastic and willing to do something great but here I am, wasting time in managing somehow to sneak in my phone during class.

I am not sure where I am going. All I am searching for is some direction, help and hope. I FEAR, I fear not doing something great with my life, I fear not being satisfied with my life and I keep asking myself “where are we going?“. Before it gets too late because those who ask questions are the ones who get answers.

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