Web Series Review: What’s Your Status – Ep 1

The ever growing and now hugely popular Web Series culture in India has just had a new and fresh addition to it. ‘What’s Your Status,’ an UltraShorts webseries by Cheers! It tells the story of three different characters who are at three different phases of the relationships and the people involved in it with them. The setting of the characters is also different, shown across three different cities. It tells the story of Balu (Manjot Singh), who is single and pursuing MBA in Manipal, TJ (Naveen Polishetty) a committed man and an office worker in Hyderabad, and Bharath (Abhay Mahajan) a married man who also lives the office life in Gurgaon.

The first episode of the series consists mostly of the back stories of our three characters in their own narration, and as the theme goes, consists of their explanation of their statuses in the relationship ladder. The three main characters and also the other characters are all played by the superstars of the Web Series culture and have gained much love from Indian Audiences This episode brings that most important characteristic which has been the core reason for the success of such ventures over others in the past and it is the absolute simplicity and reliability of it. The stories told here are something many of us have seen around us in our daily lives and it may just as well be ours. The setting of the three cities looks promising and the roles fit right in with the narration of the story as the episode features a regular Sunday in the lives of the three characters, but each encountering an unexpected event. This series has started with the simple setting, feel good factor and the light daily humor and should be attracting viewers as it proceeds with the story.

The thing that one cannot miss to like here is the portrayal of Manipal, the essence of it and the beauty of the places around it which is shown right in the beginning. Although, some might have a few things to say about the route that Balu takes on his bike ride to the academic building, the impeccable timing of the release is sure to bring a smile on our faces as many of us will soon be heading back here.

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