What You Have To Know Before The Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket World Cup 2019

Here is great news for all the cricket lovers. The greatest tournament of the year is around the corner. Excellent cricket team’s from all around the globe will compete against each other to stand as a champion. The Cricket World Cup 2019 not only evokes the excitement but also enhance the anxiety of equal measures in the heart of the cricket fans. This tournament held in every four years has made your summer vacations better and enthusiastic

So, it’s essential to be well prepared with all its aspects and be aware of all the significant details. Mentioned below are few of them. Let’s go.

The departure

Indian cricketers left for The United Kingdom on 22 May 2019. Here they’ll play two practice games against the two great teams, Bangladesh and New Zealand. All the games will be played prior to their opening campaign against South Africa on 5 June 2019. A press conference was conducted just before their departure to their destination and various reporters actively interview the Indian heroes.

The longer stay

Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, said in his press conference before departing to the UK that they have decided to stay in The United Kingdom for quite a long time. He says that this stay might help his team to get rid of early anxiety and stress. The captain showed his concern for his teammates and tried to take certain measures to relax his fellow mates.

The rejected statement

Following the Pulwama attack 2019, several old crickets and Board of Control for Cricket in India asked to call off the match fixture between Indian and Pak teams in the tournament. However, this statement was rejected by the ICC at Dubai press meet that was conducted recently. Now, the entire match will take place as decided by the authorities without any changes.

The decrease in the number of teams

The 2019 World Cup will feature only 10 teams all around the globe. However, 14 teams battled against each other not only in 2011 but also in 2015 World Cup tournament. England, the host, along with the other seven teams who gained the position automatically by winning the ICC One Day International ranking on 20 September 2017.

The world is eagerly waiting for their favorite cricketers battle against each other on the international platform. This summer is full of excitement because of this great tournament. Keep following the updates if you want to increase the chances of your Cricket World Cup betting odds.

Nothing different for Pakistan

In the press conference conducted to interview the Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli said that they had not asserted pressure on themselves for separately preparing for their match against Pakistan. They said that there are many powerful and influential teams and it is a waste of time focusing on a single team.

This will simply distract their focus from their goals. They have also focused on enhancing the quality of their cricket and will match against the teams with great intensity without giving much importance to the opposition.

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