What can you tell me about the faculty at Manipal?

Faculty at Manipal

Here’s how I view the importance of faculty in a college or any institution of study for that matter. The faculty is there simply to guide you. The days of ‘spoon-feeding’ are left behind once you enter a college and now, the task of learning is left up to you. The faculty exists simply to guide you in this process of learning.

The faculty in Manipal, though very smoothly blends the gap between the teaching styles that one would experience in their schooling vs. what one would generally expect to experience in a college. The first year experience helps in this transition, which could prove really helpful for those who have been very accustomed to a teacher-centric style of study. On the other hand, for those (like me) who prefer to study by themselves, Manipal provides enough freedom along with sufficient resources to do the way you like it.

Talking about faculty differences between CSE, IT and CCE is not that straight forward, but the fundamental differences include that CSE would almost always have the senior-most professors with IT and CCE having the younger lot. This can be thought of as both an advantage or a disadvantage as while older professors bring more experience, younger ones may connect better with the student population which may or may not lead to a better learning experience depending on your study style and goals. This would also mean that CSE would, without doubt, have more professors that have a doctorate, which does have its own advantages, especially if you decide to do a project under them and/or would want them to vouch for you for future prospects of yours. On the other hand, most professors are incredibly approachable, and the branch is no bar if you need one’s help or assistance of any kind.

While we are at this topic, I would like to give a big shout out to hands down the best class I have taken as a CCE student with Dr. Ajitha Shenoy in his Multimedia Communications class. So yeah, you will definitely find some fantastic professors along the way no matter what branch you are in!

About the Author: Arvind Sasikumar is an alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. I am a 2018 Computer and Communication Engineering (CCE) graduate from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. I passed out with a CGPA of 8.7 at the end of the 4 years, currently work as a Software Engineer for Microsoft (Hyderabad) [Campus placed through 3rd year internship], worked as an IT Auditor at Deutsche Post, Bonn, Germany for 6 months, worked with 4 tech startups during my college years, founded a private limited company, played the guitar and the drums for various rock bands in college and was the President of the Movie Goers Club here. So I can safely say I have experienced a large part of what Manipal has to offer. Also, been around working intensely on fresher groups for the last 3 years.

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