What Brings About An Invention ?


[pullquote_left]”Necessity is the mother of all creation”[/pullquote_left] An invention is nothing but a creation, a creation that has an important role in the world no matter how trivial it is. An invention is usually made to help make the world a better place and make life easier. But sometimes when you make an invention it doesn’t mean that it is going to be used for the right purpose, for example Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite and we all know what it is used for today.

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The New Age of Invention by Todd Detwiler

It is tough for me to answer the question – What brings about an invention? Because truly speaking I don’t know, as I haven’t invented anything. Keeping my previous statement in mind what I can do is point out what should be done to bring about an invention and thus answer the question what brings about an invention.

The most important thing while making is the Idea. The next is self belief. If you don’t believe in your idea and capabilities there is no way you are going to be successful. People may laugh at your idea, but if you believe in your idea, then nothing should stop you from making it large. What is also required is patience, you cant expect your ideas to bear fruit overnight. You have to be patient with it.

What I personally think is you shouldn’t think about the result but think about the process that leads to the result and do the process in the right way and don’t take any shortcuts. What also should be there is intellectual capability and complete knowledge in the field in which you are going to make an invention. Another important factor is perseverance, no matter how many times you fail at achieving your goal you have to be at it and have the Never Say Die attitude. Overconfidence is something that can act as a catalyst leading to failure. One should never be overconfident and proud of his/her idea and without the 3 D’s that are Determination,Dedication and Discipline nothing can be achieved.

Even being observant and being able to apply your observation into reality can lead to an invention for e.g. James Watson observed steam from a kettle popping it’s lid (observing part) and realizing steam can be used as a form of energy to draw carriages – the application lead to the invention of the Steam Engine – the product. What also can lead to an invention is  a personal experience in life or the need to make life easier and better for people around you.

Coming to the second part of the essay – why only a few among us become inventors is a very difficult question. I think is that everybody has the ability to become an inventor but only a few know that they have the ability, for most it is just trapped down there and is never set free. Most of us have the carefree attitude and think someone else will do it and don’t think that we should do something, we don’t believe in ourselves. Many of us don’t have the ability to dream we just don’t think there is a need for an invention, life is perfect, we go along with the masses, not many of us want to think different. We are just lazy and don’t want to put in the effort and not all of us have the intellectual capability.

I would like to conclude my essay by saying that don’t be afraid to think out of the box, because only those who think achieve and an ideal mind is a devil’s workshop. If you have an idea and think your invention can be a boon to mankind then leave no stone unturned in making an Invention.

About the Author: Pratik Lakhani is a student at the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He believes in the principle “If you want it, go an get it! No one is going to come and give it to you on a platter!”

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