Welcome to Manipal Institute of Technology

Manipal University
Welcome to Manipal Institute of Technology! It is our privilege to tell you that all your education does not take place in the classroom. The varied club and activity program will help you to develop your abilities and interests in free-time projects. The MUN and Student government activities will give you experience in leadership and cooperation. The social program will help you to develop as a social being, learning the pleasure and responsibilities of group life. In brief, you will make friends and have fun.
A calendar of events for the entire semester will be given to you in one of your classes. A weekly calendar will be posted in your classroom. The program for the semester includes cultural, intellectual, and social events. It offers you the opportunity to study, attend lectures, develop verbal and social skills, to develop ideas, and to communicate with others.

The program on this campus is designed to offer you every opportunity to develop a belief in the individual, his dignity, and his fulflllment. You will flnd that education works hand in hand with student self-government to prepare men and women for responsibility in a free society. How much occurs will depend upon you—your selection according to your needs and interests.
Education for leisure, for community leadership, may be as important as vocational preparation in leading the good life. First and foremost you are here for an education. Budget your time so that you may enrich your education with study, co-curricular activities, and your outside work.

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