We eat again!

After visiting Hangyo and Dominos , we visited another eatery here with the endearing name of Snack shack. It serves chinese food and has a fair crowd of Malaysians visiting it. I believe it mus be a favourite hangout for the Malaysian community students. This was my first visit with Kushaal and Prabhav. Unfortunately I was wearing a shirt and trousers which resembled the uniform of the waiters at the joint. My colleagues couldn’t stop making fun and ordering me around! On the second visit i did not make the same visit. The lighting is low key and gives an orange glow to the place.Dr.Chintan is a first year resident in Medicine and one of the members of the “Gujju” gang. The food at the place is quiet nice though chinese is the dominant flavour. We ordered Pizzas at the place , though quiet good , not the same as at Dominos and way off from my favourite Pizza hut ones. We left the same way we came, but with satisfied stomachs.

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