UTSAV 2014: How they make it happen – Keshav P

The audience present last evening at Utsav scaled the heights of nearly 3000 people. These people enjoyed watching the events that the various constituent colleges of Manipal University were showcasing. Few members of the audience truly know the scale of work required to give them a successful show, fewer yet are a part of the volunteer team to make UTSAV 2014 happen.

The architect of this mammoth task is Dr. K. Sreedhar Pai, Secretary of Manipal University Cultural Coordination Committee. Dr. Sreedhar Pal is assisted by a team of nearly 100 student volunteers from the various colleges affiliated to Manipal University. 16

Another important fact that should be appreciated is that the cost of the entire event is paid for by the University, without any outside aid or sponsorship. To protect the integrity of Utsav the organizers have ensured that every event is judged by impartial experts in their fields and have not asked any faculty member to Judge an event.

Further the system of naming candidates by their slots and not by college is another measure taken by the organizers to maintain impartiality of any judgement. The most active corner of Utsav 2014 has to be the info desk at KMC Greens.

Abhishek Srivastav a final year student from the Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences had this to say about his work: “it Is hectic, but a good experience working here”


About the Author: This report was filed by Keshav P for the Utsav 2014 newsletter Issue 01.

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