Utsav 2011 – The Cultural Parade: Photo feature and Winner Experience

Today’s Featured Bloggers are Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa and Ang Yen!

She participated in the cultural parade and has this to write:

010. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 2
Photo by Ang Yen
The National bird of India depicted by a Manipal Girl

It is already 12am in the morning. I am so much tired. Today was the day of competition. Haha. The culture parade. UTSAV kinda thing. And the interesting thing was that, I was dragged and pulled into it by my friends and had to transform into a kadazan dip, to perform because, not enough people were there voluntarily. And to make things super interesting, I am not really good at dancing. For the sake of a friend, I tried my best to dance. And god willing, we got the fortune and luck, we really made it. The first place among all the colleges in India and abroad under the Manipal University banner( to those who took part). MMMC won!

Well, congratulations people.Thanks to the make-up professional. Bella and Alia. You guys were superb. 🙂 I am actually still on my bed, without even taking a bath after the tiring day.

Ang Yen Shared These wonderful photos from the cultural parade with us! A huge thanks to him for these beautiful pictures. Please visit his Facebook page for more pictures and like his page to get updates on his photography!

001. UTSAV 2011 The opening Ceremony
All the Captains of the respective College teams at the Inauguration of UTSAV 2011 – A Reason to Celebrate. Teams arrived from all the Manipal University Campuses in India and Abroad!!

002. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 11
The various Cultures in Manipal! Represents the diversity of the student population in this University Township!

003. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 8
The National Sport, National Animal and the various cultures of India, were represented in the Cultural parade last evening at Manipal – Utsav 2011!

004. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 15
The Chinese dragon! This was a beautiful presentation by the students of Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC – Manipal Campus)

005. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 14
An exhilarating display!

006. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 16
The final depiction of the victory of good, the Yin -Yang and peace!

007. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 5
The Indian Rupee Finally has a symbol – Manipal Students did not forget to feature it at Utsav 2011!!

008. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 3
The Gods of India!

009. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 13
A Cultural Feast for the eyes!

011. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 9
A Ballerina at the UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade!

012. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 12
A Performance by one of the participants at the Cultural parade Utsav 2011

013. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 4
An eco-theme amidst all the exotic performances! The sitar recital was done quite nicely!

014. UTSAV 2011 A Girls performs at the Cultural parade
Adding glitz to the proceedings were performances by the beautiful girls of Manipal! This is a western dance performance!

015. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 6

016. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 10
Odissi and Kerala natanam?

017. UTSAV 2011 Cultural parade 7

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  1. WOW the judging system is updated and computerized lets see how fair it is this time."You can fool some people all the time, you can fool all people some of the time but you cant fool all the people all the time".

  2. AHHH!!!
    really wanted to be there.
    one prob though: the events were not open to all. sad.

    it would be much better if students from different colleges could interact with each other on a greater scale.

    PS: 91 likes in ONE day!!!

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