Unforgettable San Miguel

San Miguel in Mexico is another spot that you could consider as a choice for retirement. San Miguel was given the status of a national monument in 1926 and has attracted about 5,000 expatriates from America and Canada. The total population of the city is about 70,000.

This is an extremely picturesque place with cobbled streets and colonial mansions. Because of its status as a national monument, there’s a restriction on the construction of new buildings here, as this would change the character of the place.

Despite the fact that San Miguel has attracted so many expatriates, the city has successfully retained a strong Mexican identity. San Miguel is slightly more expensive than Lake Chapala, but living here is still relatively inexpensive. For example you could rent a good home, not too far from the downtown area for about $ 500 a month. You could also live a comfortable life here for as little as $ 1,500 per month. You could of course spend much more if you wanted, but that would depend on the kind of lifestyle you choose to follow.

There’s a very active cultural life here and a number of religious festivals are held every year. This is a place that is exalted as an artists’ community. This is also where you will find the world renowned Instituto Allende that has attracted some of the finest artists and craftsmen from around the world.

If you were to consider retiring in a place like this, you would be happiest if you shared an interest in the arts, as this is the driving force of many of the activities and occasions in the town.

San Miguel offers some of the best shopping opportunities in Mexico, as well as a profusion of restaurants for fine dining. In fact, considering that San Miguel is not very large, it is rather surprising to see the wide range of international cuisine that is available here.

San Miguel is one of the most scenic areas of Mexico. But do be careful if you are getting carried away by all that you are finding out. If you were considering a permanent move to Mexico, it would be best for you to spend at least a week in the country. Rent a place for six months and come back when the rental period commences so that you can get used to the ethnic character of the place.

If you don’t, you may be faced with a kind of culture shock, should you decide to shift without testing the water so to speak. Do realize how important this is because it could change your whole experience of life in a place that will naturally be alien to you as an outsider. The more you do to ensure that you can settle in easily, the more you can ensure that the transition will be a smooth one

You will generally find that rental apartments here are furnished so there’s no need for you to transport furniture. Over six months, spend your time exploring the city, getting the feel of the place and connecting with other expatriates whenever you can.

Get into the swing of daily life by riding on the buses, using the local currency and living from day to day without regarding yourself as a tourist. If you are still comfortable, then maybe you can consider shifting permanently.

Once you know what you are letting yourself in for, you’ll be in a fairly strong position to make a final decision. You have to admit that life in this place looks pretty good. Do be prepared to give yourself a little time to settle down. Things are bound to be rather different from what you may be accustomed to back home. But then you know what they say about the pleasures of a home away from home!

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