Trek to the secret lake – Wayanad

The Heart lake

CHEMBRA PEAK is the second highest peak in Kerala at 6,900 ft above sea level. Located in the district of Wayanad. Wayanad is 90 kms away from Calicut.

The Heart lake
The Heart lake

I visited this place along with my friends in the month of September. This was one of our best trips so far. Nature’s beauty at it’s best! The trek begins after a 5 km car ride around the peak. The trek is about 2.5 km to the lake. The trek to the mountain peak isn’t allowed as it is very risky. The trek to the lake is really wonderful but it’s really tiring for people who are not used to trekking as it’s an uphill trek and as you go higher, the hill becomes steep and after a point you wont be able stand. You have to bend down and crawl up but in the end the effort you put in is worth it.


1. The ideal time to visit would be after monsoon.

2. Trek in groups as it is very easy to get lost and as the path goes around the Mountain it is very damp and slippery.

3. Carry eatables and water bottles don’t pack too much as it’ll be difficult to trek. The Tourism authorities are very strict about Littering. They check all the plastic items you are carrying and also you have to show them everything again once you come down.

4. Carry some salt and also look out for Leeches on your way. The place is really damp and is filled with Leeches.

5. A raincoat would be better than an umbrella and in case it starts raining while trekking, keep going and don’t stop anywhere till you reach to the top or bottom. There are chances of Flash floods so it’s not safe to stand and wait for the rain to stop.

Here are some pictures I clicked on the way.

DSC 1010
Blue Green and Orange 🙂


DSC 0980
Hairpin bend around the mountain
DSC 1011
View of the Peak from the lake
DSC 1013
The perfect place to live
DSC 1033
The view from the lake


DSC 1034
Another small lake on the way

DSC 1068

DSC 1080
We made it to the top!

SOOCHIPARA FALLS is located about 12 km from the town, the drive to the falls is very Scenic view of Tea estates. After you reach the parking area it’s a 15 min walk to the falls surrounded by dense Forest. Water flow is maximum during the monsoon but they won’t allow people to get very near to the falls.

DSC 1202 2

Thank you for reading. Hope you liked it 🙂 . I would like to see your comments, reviews or contributions at [email protected] . To view the pictures in high quality do see them on my Flickr page


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