Top Technology Jobs in 2014

Technology Jobs

Some of the fastest and in demand jobs in the current market are in the field of technology. So whether you have computer design skills or the ability to create computer systems for companies, in fast growing countries like India and Nigeria, there are plenty of jobs available for you in 2014 with high starting salaries and secure career opportunities. You can see it for yourself if you check official statistics in India or have a quick look at sites with the latest job vacancies like this one in Nigeria. Here are a few specific jobs pinpointed by market observers that are high in demand this year.Technology Jobs

1. Software Developers and Computer Systems Analysts

Professional software developers are some of the most in demand positions available in the technology field. From designing computer software to databases and video games to building operating systems, there is a widespread need for skilled professionals in these fields. It is estimated that there will be many positions available in years to come as well. Along the same lines, computer systems analysts will be in high demand as well. This entails understanding computer hardware, systems and networks and how they all work in unison. Analysts are the people who make recommendations to companies and governments alike as to which operating system to use.

2. Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts are also a fast growing field since digital information security is becoming more relevant. IT professionals who can plan and monitor companies’ network security are high in demand because of the growing threat of cyber security and the ease to access secure information. Estimates show that this field will grow by a whopping 36 percent by 2022.

3. Civil and Mechanical Engineers

Computer related technology jobs are obviously always going to be increasing in demand, but also engineering is still an increasingly important field. Combining the two, civil engineers will always be a hot commodity because of the decreasing number of engineering students relative to the demand for people to build and design infrastructure such as bridges, buildings and damming reservoirs. In the same general field, mechanical engineering is a very secure high salaried career. Mechanical engineers work to come up with design concepts and theories and work to bring them into the production phase. It has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any technological field, making it one of the most secure and high demand positions for this year and the foreseeable future.

4. Computer Support Specialists

Lastly, back in the computer fields, computer support specialists are always needed in a world increasingly reliant on computers and technology. This includes maintaining the software and hardware for an entire IT department as well as working on a support line for a computer systems manufacturer. Although it is one of the lower paying tech jobs, it is also the fastest growing. The occupation could swell by 20 percent by 2022.

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