Top 7 Young adult books you’ll want to borrow from your teen


In your child’s bookshelf you are surely going to come across going to come across many light reading novels that has a riveting story line which. If you have no plan for this weekend and wondering how make best use of it, then hurry and borrow any of these novels that you are surely going to finish of in a hardly two or three sittings. Moreover after these you will be also be also to connect with your children by engaging them in a discussion about the story line as well as the different characters of the books.

Here is a list of the seven young adult novels that you should consider reading by borrowing it from the teenagers.Top 7 young adult books you’ll want to borrow from your teen 1

The Hunger Game

This is a trilogy series written by Suzanne Collins has turned out to be a hot favorite among the teens as well as the adult readers. This is an extremely fast moving story of a young girl named Katniss who has taken a bold step of participating in the precarious Hunger Games whereby she is left with only two options “do or die”. The narration is so gripping that the adult readers are going to finish it off in the weekend.

Girl Unmoored

This young adult book by Jennifer Gooch Hummer is a must read for all adults. This story is a mixed bag of a lot consecutive events that is going to be appreciated by different age groups.  Moreover, along with the serious happening, it has many witty incidents as well that all readers are going to enjoy.

The Fault in Our Stars

Written by John Green, this is one of the most touching story I have ever read. The two main characters of the story are cancer patients who meet at the community meeting of the cancer patients who discusses about important facets of life and its significance. Their thoughts that get reveled to the readers through their conversation is really going to grab our attention and appreciated at the same time.

The Demon’s Lexicon

Sarah Rees Brennan has told the story of two brothers in The Demon’s Lexicon who have set out to challenge the demons. A parallel world has been depicted in this tale which transcends us to the world of fantasy. Do you remember the last time you have read a fantasy? If not, then borrow this form your kid and enjoy it in this weekend. The story is gripping that it is not going to take more a few sittings to complete it.


Author Veronica Roth tells the tale of Beatrice Powell in the story Divergent who on reaching 16 needs to chose any of the factions present in the dystopian city of Chicago. Now she is faced with a big question: whether to follow her heart or follow the family tradition. Read this fascinating young adult novel to see what decision she takes at last. The young folks have already become a die hard fan of this series and now it’s the turn of the adults to discover how the leading character react to the different challenges that comes in her way.

The Twilight Saga
Since the release of the first book in this series by Stephanie Meyer, every teenager has become a die hard fan of Bella and Edward the main characters of the story. If you not read a fantasy from a long time and yearning to indulge in one of these, then borrow the first in these series form your kid and I am sure you are going to get addicted to the rest.

When You Reach Me

This is a science fiction cum suspense thriller that you are going to simply love indulge in your spare time to get rid of all the stress. Miranda comes to know a lot of things about her family and herself through a series of strange events which all group is certainly going to enjoy.

These are some of the recommended young adult books that you are simply going to enjoy as these are light reads that will help you forget about all the usual troubles. Borrow these from your kids and if they do not have it order it now from any online store as both you and the teenagers are surely going to love these books.

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