Top 5 Manipal Myths

The Top 5 Manipal Myths Vs Facts
What are the Top 5 Manipal Myths?

Yes! Even a place like Manipal has its own myths! I have been living in Manipal for a good two and half years and now I know all the misconceptions of ‘North Indians’ about this place! Let me share you some of them:

The top 5 manipal myths vs facts
What Are The Top 5 Manipal Myths?

Manipal Myths 1: The Sikkim Factor –

Of all the Manipal Myths, no myth can beat this one! Hence the top spot goes to the most common accusation of shifting a complete town from one corner of India to another. No auntyji, Manipal is in Karnataka! There is a Sikkim Manipal University too but the ‘main thing’ is in Karnataka only! With a complete Facebook page devoted to this myth people are trying to raise their voice against the people with exceptional general knowledge who continue to believe in this: His name is Manipal and he lives in Sikkim.

Manipal Myths  2: The Food Factor –

When I got a seat for the Pharmacy course in Manipal everyone had their own suggestions about this place. And this Manipal myth really gave me sleepless nights! “You will get only rice and rasam to eat in South India” were the not so wise words of a friend. “You will come back in a month” he added. Well, now I can just say this: LOL! Manipal is a food heaven! From Dominos and Subway to Snack Shack and Saiba I never run out of choices. Manipal is a great place for foodaholics! Majority of my friends here agree with this. PS: The ‘Chapatti’ of FC sucks though.

Manipal Myths  3: The Drug Den –

Ok ok! I know that when it comes to substance abuse Manipal is a ‘little’ above the national average. But the fact remains that majority of the students in my own class are not into drugs! And I know that number of depressed people is much higher than the euphoric ones in Manipal! Plus the ridiculous ceremony of ‘Promise me Beta’ before I left for Manipal was totally uncalled for! I believe that anyone who wants to do something will do it irrespective of the place. There were drug addicts back in my hometown! Any educational town has its own minus points. To single out Manipal as a drug den is completely unfair and not true.

Manipal Myths  4: Manipal Girls –

‘Dude! Are you still a virgin?’ asks my friend during the holidays. If only he gave me some privacy and devoted such interest in his subjects, I am sure he would have invented a teleporter by now. But yes, many people who have heard of Manipal and not actually lived here think that all Manipal girls are like the Kardashian sisters. Obviously not. There are all kinds of girls in Manipal just as there are all kinds of boys in Manipal. There are a lot of Non-resident Indians and foreign nationals here. But if I start on the topic of ‘Indian perception of the Western world’ I would not be able to write a blog because then it would be a book. Summarizing this point: Girls are girls. In any part of this planet.

Manipal Myths 5: The Spoilt brats land –

Many people imagine Manipal as the land of stinking rich people. Not entirely true. Yes, the majority of us here are from well to do families but not all of us have a habit of driving drunk in our expensive cars and doing a hit and run every now and then. And being rich doesn’t mean that you have to be a spoilt brat! Sadly there is a tendency of many people to think in such a manner. There are students who go to temples/churches/mosques on their expensive bikes. I have seen a student giving away a 500 rupee note to a beggar in the joy of clearing all the subjects. It is very important for people to understand that good and evil are very different from being rich or poor. It is not a crime to be born in a rich family. And every student of Manipal is not a rich spoilt brat.

So these were the top 5  ‘Manipal Myths’ according to me. Hope you agree with these and if you have any more do let me know! Who knows there may be a ‘Part 2’ of this myth journey!

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