Top 11 Bollywood Songs For Your Spectacular Bridal Entry

The entry of the bride is something that everybody awaits and looks forward to, almost as much as the groom. As the bride enters, all eyes are upon her, so her entrance must be spectacular. Generally, her friends and female cousins accompany the bride as she enters the wedding pandal. However, these days her brothers may also accompany the bride under a sheet of flowers, like a princess.

For those who want to keep it elegant and simple, the bride entering with her father looks extremely graceful and is sure to bring a tear to your eyes. And then there are brides who want to make a mind-blowing entrance and enter with a bang. There are brides who have entered on a horse, on a bike, rickshaw, dune buggy and even dancing while entering with dhol wallas! What all these brides have in common is that they have all entered to the accompaniment of songs and music.

The music that should accompany the bride’s entrance should be as amazing as her entrance, and this is something that you just cannot leave for the DJ. There are so many upbeat Bollywood wedding songs for your wedding functions but for your bridal entry, here are a few tracks that are sure to rock this wedding season. You can make your choice from any of these, depending on the kind of entry you are planning to make.

  • Menoo Ishq Tera Lai Dooba

This lilting song from the movie Aiyaari is a beautiful song to make your bridal entrance to. One can just imagine the bride and the groom locking eyes, as the bride walks demurely towards her beloved.

  •     Afreen Afreen- Coke Studio Mix

As if the original song by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan wasn’t already an amazing song, this version is something you can listen to on loop, and still not get enough of. When the gorgeous bride looking all radiant and lovely makes her entrance, you can just imagine that the lyrics of this song are actually what is running through everybody’s mind.

  •     Din Shagna Da

Choose any version of this beautiful song and it is bound to give you goosebumps. The current favorite version sung by Jasleen Royal from the movie Phillauri has been very popular at weddings, but no bridal entry song list can be complete without it. It may be overdone, but it’s still a favorite.

  • Madhaaniya

An old Punjabi folk song in a new avatar, sung by Neha Bhasin, this song is a favourite at all weddings. Make it your bridal entry song if you are planning your entry with your father or both your parents. Dedicate your entrance to them, and this is sure to bring a tear to all eyes.

  • Dilbaro

This is another lovely song that you can make an entrance to, dedicated to your parents. From the movie ‘Raazi’, it truly brings some lovely emotions to the fore and is a very poignant and moving number.

  • Raabta

Raabta from the movie Agent Vinod has some lovely lyrics, though even the beautiful melody at the beginning is ideal for the bridal entry. The lyrics are meaningful, which makes it a great bridal entry song.

  • In Aankhon ki Masti

This lovely song from the film Umrao Jaan sounds like a dedication to the beautiful bride, making it an apt number for her to make an entrance to.

  • Tune Maari Entriyaan

If your entry is not going to be a conventional one like that of the demure bride, then this is a song for you. Come dancing to this one as you make a grand entrance, leaving everyone with a smile on his or her face.

  • Banno Tera Swagger

How can this song not be considered as a bridal entry song? It is a dedication to the bride who is planning her entry with swag and style. This remix is ideal for the bride who is not going to be walking calmly into the venue, but probably riding in on a horse or a bike!

  • Hawa Hawaii 2.0

The reworked version of the 90’s song from the movie Tumhari Sullu is such an apt song for the bride who is going to rock her own wedding, and maybe make the guests dance with her at her entrance.

  • Chitta Kukkad

This is another popular Punjabi folk song sung by Neha Bhasin and its lovely tune makes it an excellent contender for your bridal entry song. Punjabi folk songs have an earthy charm and tradition to them that makes them very popular at weddings

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