To My dearest Pratty!

Congratulations on the way you are doing your Job! Your predecessor made too much noise. I never liked that! Almost 3 months into your chair, and you’ve fit in nicely. get cosy, my dear. You’re there for the next 5 years at least! You’re a very nice, sweet person, you’re my cute little doll! Just as cute as Monty used to be, if not cuter!

But Monty’s become problematic now
. He doesn’t do the right things at the right time! Look at how he’s handling the Nuke deal! I mean, for once I decide to let him play by himself, and look what a mess he’s gotten us into. Not to worry though, I’ll sort it all out. The Left think they’re big bullies, they seem to have forgotten that I still exist.

I’m sure you know that, secretly,Priya is my role-model. I love the way she handled the emergency in 1975, and I respect the way she was able to bring the family forward. Raj wouldn’t hav gotten where he did without Priya, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without Raj. Raul is now just the right age to ‘get in’. Old enough to still be youthful.

I hope you are grateful to me for what I’ve done for you. Monty listens to all that I hell him, and I expect the same from you. Not that I can do anything to you if you don’t listen, but we’re honest, straightforward people.

Incidentally, I’m happy none of those idiots noticed that you didn’t blabber anything about that silly bridge. But pleas make sure you open and close your mouth a couple of times in front of some cameras. I’m sure one of them who help Monty with his words, will help you too. Be careful sweetheart! We don’t want them to think you’re a puppet, now , do we?

Happy President-sy Pratty!
Yours Truly

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