Tips To Hire The Best Local Handyman In Perth

local handyman

You’ve just moved into your new home, and you want to make it feel like your own. But if you’re feeling ambitious, why not hire a handyperson? Many people are indeed intimidated at the prospect of hiring their contractor because they don’t know how to find one or what to look for when interviewing them. If you need help with this daunting task, read on for some helpful tips to find the best handyman Perth!

Tips for hiring the best local handyman:

Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for referrals.

There’s nothing like a personal recommendation to give you peace of mind that you’re hiring the right person for the job. If you know someone who has recently used a handyman service and was happy with the results, ask them who they recommend. You can also check online review sites to get a sense of what others have thought about the service.

Interview several candidates.

Don’t just settle for the first handyman you come across. Instead, meet with at least three different candidates and get a sense of their experience, skills, and rates. This will help you make an informed decision about who to hire.

Check the local handyman’s references.

local handymanDon’t take anyone person’s opinion as fact; you need to get an unbiased perspective from people who have worked with that particular contractor, rather than just a friend or family member of theirs. Ask for contact information and call their past clients directly for an honest appraisal of the work they’ve done.

Get several bids.

Don’t just hire the first handyman who comes along; get at least two or three different quotes for any projects you consider. Then, compare their rates and make sure they’re comparable to other contractors in your area, as well as what’s included in the quote (i.e., labor costs only, materials too, etc.).

Look for a contractor with insurance and bonding.

This is especially important if you’re hiring someone to do work in your home that involves wiring, plumbing, or other potential hazards. Ensure the handyman has both general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage if something goes wrong on the job.

Ask to see their license and registration.

In many states, it’s required by law for contractors to be registered with the state to work. You can check online with your state licensing board or department to check for any complaints against the handyman you’re considering hiring.

Make sure they have the right tools for the job.

This is especially true if you need any electrical or plumbing work done in your home since these are two areas where it’s crucial to make sure that all materials and parts meet code standards. Also, ask them what kind of equipment they will be using on each step of a project, so there aren’t any surprises down the line.

Get a written contract.

man in black sweatpants using DEWALT circular saw and cutting a wood plankThis document should outline the specific work that will be done and the total cost of labor and materials. It’s also important to have a timeline to know when to expect it to be completed.

Read the fine print.

Be sure to read any warranties included in your contract and understand what is covered and how much it will cost for repairs or replacement if something goes wrong during the project.

Ask about the local handyman’s experience.

How long has he been doing this type of work? What is his area of expertise? Knowing this information can help you gauge whether or not he will be a good fit for your specific project.

Once you’ve followed these tips, you’re ready to hire the best local handyman for your home improvement projects! Remember to keep communication open throughout the entire process to be on the same page.

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