BITS Pilani FAQs: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

How is Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

What are its positives and negatives of Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

EEE is a very interesting branch. Although it is difficult at times, once you get the hang of the subject, it unfolds beautifully. If your interests lie in the field of electronics, branches like EEE, ECE, ENI offer you many avenues to explore.

What you will learn in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and what are the nearest JEE topics to them?

DC machines, Electrical Sciences, Semiconductor Sciences (transistors and stuff), Electromagnetism.

What are good dual options with Electrical and Electronics Engineering and why?

  • Physics+EEE, Learning more about semiconductors can take you closer to electronic/electrical devices and gives you an edge.
  • Math+EEE A lot of math goes into EEE, so having a Math dual can give you an edge.

What is the scope of Electrical and electronics Engineering in the future?

Some of the companies that take part in campus placements: Texas instruments, Tejas networks, Siemens, Epic systems, nVidia, Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcomm, Freescale, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson RnD and so on, the list is long.

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