Tips to enjoy sex as a couple

enjoy sex

Couples’ sexual relationships can have ups and downs. What matters is having a healthy sex life, and being committed to taking care of it to keep it alive. To do this it is essential to know yourself and your partner, to talk and communicate honestly with each other.

Over time it is common that sex as a couple may become less frequent, or even less pleasurable. All couples face this problem at some point in their sexual lives. But it should not be something that should weaken the love relationship, as it is something natural that happens to all couples. The important thing is to know how to deal with the situation and enjoy sex.

It is common that many professional escorts in Bangalore have clients with partners, whom they still love, but have not been able to cope with a situation that, if normalized and faced, can be something that brings the couple closer together, even discovering new erotic games that until then were unknown to them.

Some of the tips given by the top call girls in Belgaum, so that the desire in the couple is not extinguished, are:

Health care

It is very important to have good health if we want to enjoy sex. It is something very easy to understand, if a person has pains, is tired, has a lot of stress, depression, etc, for sure he/she will not feel like having sex.

For this reason, and for many others, it is important to take care of your health, both physically and mentally. For this, exercise is indispensable. Exercise is a libido enhancer, regulates emotions, secretes serotonin, improves testosterone production, and also improves physical appearance.

For all these reasons and much more, exercising will improve sexual relations, both for people who are in a relationship and for those who are not and just want to look good.

Knowing yourself and your partner

The passage of years in a relationship can wear down sexual relations. You may lose the fervor of the beginning. At least that is what you always hear, but if you look at it from another more positive perspective, the passage of time will make the couple get to know each other better, both emotionally and physically.

Knowing where to touch and where not to touch, with what intensity, what positions… Knowing each other sexually will make it easier to give pleasure to the other person, and vice versa. But, this does not mean that you should not innovate and get out of your sexual comfort zone. In fact point 3 is…

Trying out new practicesenjoy sex try new things

Exploring new sexual practices is always recommended to get out of the monotony. Do not be afraid to propose and try new things. Sometimes it will not work out, but sometimes it will, and these new practices are the ones that will give impulses to the couple so that sex does not decline if it succumbs to monotony.

There are even sexual practices in which third parties can be included. It is something more common than people think, either by exchanging partners or by hiring a beautiful escort in Sydney. In this way, there are no risks of sentimental relationships developing, since both people in the couple are clear that he or she is a sex professional.

Do not be obsessed with frequency

It is not necessary to try to follow the guidelines set by society. If the couple is comfortable, it is not necessary to “artificially” increase the number of times they have sex.

There will be couples who have a weekly relationship and are comfortable. Others with a couple of times a month may be enough, while there will be those who need to have sex every day.

The important thing is not the quantity, but that the relations are of quality and that both people enjoy them, as well as that the frequency is the one desired by both parties.

Explicit sex is not the only thing a couple lives for

A lot of importance is given to sex, and evidently, it is important. But there are other attitudes and practices that, while not sexual, are as important or more important than to enjoy sex on a daily basis. A good example of this is caressing. These can be the prelude to sex, but above all, they give affection to the person who receives them.

Sleeping cuddled, a relaxing massage after a hard day, holding hands, kissing… All this is also very important for a couple to remain emotionally united, and it is probably much more important that they are done daily.

In the end, you should not be obsessed with how many times you make love, although if you think you may have a problem, it is a good idea to talk about it and solve it with your partner.

Taking care of your health and innovating are 2 of the most important things you can do to have a good sex life with your partner. Now, it is up to each one how he/she wants to deal with the problems.


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