Tips That Will Take Your Vacation Photography to a New Level

We’re sharing more of our lives than ever before on social media. Almost 7 in 10 Americans reported using Facebook in 2019. Instagram is less popular at 37 per cent. However, younger people are more likely to use Instagram, while people of all ages tend to get on Facebook to post status updates and photos. It’s at the point where many people take photos because they think they will get “likes” on Instagram. That’s an understandable impulse, but if you’re on vacation, you need to be thinking about more than that. You should also take photos you’re proud of, so here are some tips to take your vacation photography to the next level.

Remember to include people

If you’re going on vacation, you’re likely going with one or two other people, if not more. Remember that a vacation is about the people you’re experiencing the journey with as much as anything else. The sights and sounds are pretty, but they’re made even more special by the companions you’re sharing everything with.

Photos also tend to be more meaningful when people are in them. Those can be group selfies if you don’t mind being the person who holds the end zone camera (or selfie stick) for the group. You can also take portraits or candid photos of your fellow travelers. If you enjoy being around each other, that will come in at least some of the photos you take.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take a photo of a beautiful sunset or landmark, but try to mix up things a bit. If you and your friends are at a historic site, take a couple of photos. Then get photos of you and your friends responding to it or otherwise engaging with what’s around you. This is especially useful if you’re seeing a whole lot at once. Take the LAN150 Challenge if you’re visiting Michigan’s state capital. Its bucket list of things to see will allow you to take plenty of snapshots that remind you of what you saw and how you reacted to it.

Store your photos safely

If you’re thinking that you’ll simply store all your vacation photos on your phone, think again. That only works if you set out on vacation with a ton of free space on your phone, and chances are, most of us aren’t going to do that. We’ll probably be deleting apps just to have enough room for all the photos we think we’ll take. Even then, you should expect to take more.

When you’re on vacation in an unfamiliar place, almost everything seems interesting or novel. A street sign in another language or a restaurant serving food you’ve never seen before can all seem like opportunities to whip out your camera. Your senses will likely be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, so can your phone’s storage space. That’s why it’s best to research and purchase online cloud photo storage before you leave on your dream vacation. Consider it an added cost of going on vacation, such as paying to check a bag or leaving a tip for the hotel’s housekeeping staff.

Having photos that automatically upload to cloud storage frees you from constantly checking your camera roll and thinking, “Should I delete this or keep it?” You need an opportunity to look through all your photos later and determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones aren’t quite as essential.

Even better, cloud storage lets you share albums with specific people and groups. For example, what if you take a photo that you like and want to share, but only with a handful of friends. You’re not forced to share the photo with all 500 of your Facebook friends. Cloud storage gives you more power to determine how you distribute your vacation memories.

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