Tips For The Best Shave A Man Can Get

Wet shaving has gained momentum recently and there were a few reports on the emergence of this trend way back in 2012 when barbershops began to see a slight but steady rise in straight razor shaves on a weekly and a yearly basis. Some even saw the numbers getting doubled every year with returning customers and the addition of new customers.

It was clearly evident the 50s style is coming back into the picture with a punch. Amidst this entire upsurge, men are watching videos to recall their memories and learn the good old way from online videos and guides, and sites such as YouTube have recorded over 5 million views on some such videos that teach them how to shave.

This article precisely compiles the best-known knowledge so far in the field of wet shaving with safety razors.Shaving


The first step, in any task, is to prepare your tools and your canvas. In much the same way, you need to prepare your beard to make sure that there are zero burns, razor bumps, and irritation.

  • Perhaps, the only reason men back then tried to run away from wet shaves was because of the lack of proper handling of their beards.

However, with the gaining popularity of the profession, there are more trained professionals who deliver quality service and the best shave each time you visit them. So, the first step is to moisten your beard and smoothen it before you touch the razor. This makes it easier to cut, raises it, sticking it out of the skin. It is usually preferred, as by professional barbers, to use a hot towel rub on the face for making the beard soft.

  • It is considered the ideal time to best shave after you have a shower, but if you cannot, try using a hot or warm towel bath.
  • You must never use cold water or apply the shaving gel directly on dry skin.

The Shaving Cream Tragedy

The best cream is the one that has cream in it, as simple as that. There are a lot of drug stores that sell shaving gels that lather up creating a lot of foam, and men mistake it for a better brand. They are not rich in lubricants and moisturizers like silicones and are bad for your skin and beard. Lesser foam and a creamy lather make the contact with the skin better because that is all that matters. This will help reduce the resistance, irritation, and nicks, thereby increasing the lifetime of the razor.

  • A good quality shaving cream doesn’t just make your skin smooth for the razor to glide, but it also helps lock the moisture around the whiskers to keep them upright ready to get cut.

The final things worth mentioning are the shaving brush and a good quality razor blade. Both of them serve the purpose of making your beard ready for the razor to glide with less resistance and offer you the most comfort. A good quality safety razor is always of utmost importance for the best shave.

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