Tips for Students on Drugs

Marijuana is the world's most widely used illicit drug.

Warning Signs that your friend may have a problem with drugs:

  • getting high on drugs
  • lying about things, or the drugs they use
  • avoiding you and others to get high
  • giving up activities they used to do such as sports, homework, or hanging out with friends who don’t use drugs
  • having to use more marijuana or other illicit drugs to get the same effects
  • constantly talking about using drugs
  • believing that to have fun they need to  use marijuana or other drugs
  • pressuring others to use drugs
  • getting into trouble with the law
  • taking risks, including sexual risks and driving under the influence of  drugs
  • feeling run-down, hopeless, depressed, or even suicidal
  • suspension from school for a drug-related incident
  • missing work or poor work performance because of  drug use

Many of the signs, such as sudden changes in mood, difficulty in getting along with others, poor job or school performance, irritability, and depression, might be explained by other causes.

Marijuana is the world's most widely used illicit drug.
Marijuana is the world’s most widely used illicit drug.

Warning signs that You may have a problem with drugs:

  • You can’t predict whether you will use drugs.
  • You believe that to have fun you need to use drugs.
  • You turn to drugs after a confrontation or argument, or to relieve uncomfortable feelings.
  • You use more drugs to get the same effect that you got with smaller amounts.
  • You use drugs alone.
  • You remember how last night began, but not how it ended, so you’re worried you may have a problem.
  • You have trouble at work or in school because of your drug use.
  • You make promises to yourself or others that you’ll stop getting drunk or using drugs.
  • You feel alone, scared, miserable, and depressed.

If you have experienced any of the above problems, take heart, help is available.

How Can I Get Help?

  • Contact a professional counselor, family member or close friend
  • Check out national, State, and local organizations, treatment centers, referral centers, and hotlines throughout the country.

Research shows that when proper treatment is given, and when clients follow their prescribed program, treatment can work.

Remember, some people may go through treatment several times before they are in full recovery. Do not give up hope.

 Here are some straight facts about Marijuana:

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug and tends to be the first illegal drug teens use. The physical effects of marijuana use, particularly on developing adolescents, can be acute.

Short-term effects of using marijuana:

  • Sleepiness
  • difficulty keeping track of time, impaired or reduced short-term memory
  • reduced ability to do tasks requiring concentration and coördination, such as driving a car
  • potential cardiac dangers for those with preëxisting heart disease
  • bloodshot eyes
  • dry mouth and throat
  • decreased social inhibitions
  • paranoia, hallucinations

Long-term effects of using marijuana:

  • enhanced cancer risk
  • decrease in testosterone levels for men; also lower sperm counts and difficulty having children
  • increase in testosterone levels for women; also increased risk of infertility
  • diminished or extinguished sexual pleasure
  • psychological dependence requiring more of the drug to get the same effect
  • Marijuana blocks the messages going to your brain and alters your perceptions and emotions, vision, hearing, and coördination.


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