Timeless Treasures

The intoxicating sweet smell of the night queen flowers peeping in through your window, the tall blades of grass tickling your feet while walking in your grandfather’s fields and the taste of your mother’s wonderful laddoos lingering in your mouth, the colour of azure Copper Sulphate crystals, the melting of gold in a jewellery shop, the view of the stages of Mitosis under the microscope and the feel of the Deltoid Tuberosity under your fingers, the scenery of the sun rising brilliantly amidst the dark clouds, the flapping of a tiny butterfly’s wings, that bright candle flame in the other corner of the room and the gushing of the waves in a beach on to your feet, the exhilarating feeling of wind hitting your face while peeping out of your car’s window on a lonely road, the tiny dimple on that pretty girl’s cheek and that huge pink bow on the dress that you wore for your first birthday.

Beauty is a perception. It is a quality present in a thing or a person that gives intense pleasure to the mind, whether arising from its shape, sound or color. What might be beautiful for one person may not be for another. For 7 billion people, there are 7 billion opinions about what pleases them individually. But the effect it has on the mind is the same for everybody.

There are several issues which are capable of putting us off. That blocked drainage killing us with its stink, the traffic jams and the troubles in college. They have a terrible effect on the state of our minds. But when we start noticing these cute little things that make us smile, the bad effect is nullified. We become calm enough to solve our problems, instead of crying over them continuously. When we appreciate how perfect and awesome the things and people around us are, we tend to overlook all the negative stuff about them. We tend to be happier that way. We live in a 93 billion light years wide universe filled with wonders- some discovered and some waiting to be. All we need is two eyes to see them and a mind to appreciate because life is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!


About the author: Manognya Chekragari is a first year MBBS student at KMC, Mangalore.

Edited by: Anirudh Chand

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  1. Awesome. simple and cute style adopted to present the very heavy and complicated life lessons. Appreciate the optimistic thoughts of the young writer.

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