Time to Recall the Good Old Days


The memories of my childhood days spent at my village in Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh are still fresh in my mind. Such memories led me to compare the existing situation in India, in general, and in villages, in particular, with the past. An analysis left me sad for the undesirable transformation which India has undergone over the last few decades. Those were really golden days.

I miss those days a lot. The relationship between us is everlasting. Sharing food from all houses is amazing. I used to eat in my friend’s house when I don’t like when my mom cooks something not tastier than them. That’s how I eat food for more than 4 times a day.

During Ugadi festival – The Telugu new year, celebrated at its best, people from all over the Mandal come over there for Pooja. We the kids took a big glass and placed it in front temple drinking litres of coconut water. We used to play cricket in front of our house, being scolded when there is destruction. Laugh at it though. We also celebrate Moharram for three days, wherein I used to wear a thread mantra, did not take bath for three days, did not wear Chappal. The celebrations always ended in grand style.

I can go on and on, with the memories of my village life. My heart bleeds when I now hear news of the loss of human lives, destruction of business and property taking place. With technology advancement, many changes have come. Sitting in front of a TV, using mobiles, eating fast foods, ego, and what not. Will Indian villages revert back?

Everyone is not from the city, some of you still have relatives or friends in villages, spend a day there and leave behind a good mark for future generations.

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