what is time ?

what is time?

Something that unfolds our mind to the reality around. That rusts our innermost nascent emotions. With time we grow and with time we fall. Sitting in the corner of the bubble we built around ourselves, we wait to be liberated. From the restraints of the society, from the darkness of our existing intellect.

In the bubble we are the child, seeing everything plain and clear. Blind to the black marks of life, blind to the truth lying around. A victim to every emotion and every sorrow. In the bubble we wait, as the child.

Time as the liberator, painful but needed. Time as the necessary evil, may be. One from which we cannot escape. One for whose touch we crave.
It bursts the bubble of ignorance, letting us out into the world as matured minds. Harsh, it makes life as. Making it impossible for the path to tread upon.

The scars we acquire, in those times of peril and fear, make us more alive. More we perceive the bliss and more we embrace the pain. Born as a child, we grow up to become a human, not in the literary sense, but in the morale.

Time, painful but needed. Time, a necessary evil.

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