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Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones once remarked,“Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Unfortunately,those of you in your teens, early or late twenties have little choice in the matter. While it’s logical to assume that given your youth you may not readily know what a transistor radio, cassette player, Betamax, or Atari system looks like, it behooves you to make every effort possible to bridge the generation gap.

I still think a personal phone call is a better form of communication than a text message. I still think a written letter means more than an email. At least with Skype you can see the person you are communicating with. Here are a few thoughts to help you on your journey of life…

FIRST, appreciate the fact that experience does count for something: Other than the IPL,NHL, and NFL, wisdom does come after years of effort. Yes, we do slow down as we get older (especially in sports), but people over 40, 50 and 60 can offer you a great deal — IF you are willing to listen. Remember, great players make great coaches!

SECOND, be willing to take calculated risks. The one thing you have is TIME on your side. If you want to be a model or an actor, give it a shot. Just be certain to set a time limit and have a backup plan.

THIRD, and perhaps most important of all … don’t let the almighty Rupee determine your choice of career. I’ve always had the drive and personality for sales. As a college educator, I may not make the really BIG Moolah, but I do have an impact on students I meet. How can you put a rupee figure on that? It’s really PRICELESS.

At the same time, I have had time to pursue many outside interests, such as a pursuing blogging, self-publishing, consulting, and so on.

You only have one go around … make it a good one!


  1. With a safe carrer like yours, you can choose and live your dreams. But for we, students, 'roti ka sawal hai'.

  2. Sir, my point is exactly what you are saying. You can afford to think of fulfillment because you have a safe carreer. And I am sure, you making good bucks as well!

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