Getting Fresh at the Central Market, Adelaide, South Australia

One glimpse of the pure sensory overload that is Adelaide’s Central Market and all rumours of this as the sleepiest of Australian capitals are soon put to bed. From the first step inside you’re assaulted with a buzzing mass of patrons, drifting from stall to stall as if drawn on scent trails toward hanging gardens of salt-cured meats, aged cheeses, and steam clouds of freshly brewed, freshly roasted coffee. If the aroma doesn’t leave you gobsmacked, the super-saturate rainbow of local, organic produce of every thinkable variety certainly will. Blaze a trail through this maze of edible wonderment, and even step through the other side to Adelaide’s small, but vibrant, Chinatown. Open late on Fridays, this market is a dream date for people-watchers and foodies alike.

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