This Holi – What if DeeTee Closed down?

The Manipal DeeTee Source: The Testimonial Comics

“What if DeeTee closed down?” I’m sure if I ever said something like this out loud at DeeTee; it would invoke shrill pangs of tears and grief from even the most macho men present. So no one should be ever be allowed to say “DeeTee” and “closed down” in one sentence! DeeTee, you see, is sacred.

DeeTee looks like any other shady place one passes by, without giving it a second glance but behind those closed doors the magic unfolds. DeeTee heals EVERYTHING. You have to be part of the maddening atmosphere to understand the gravity of that statement-Hundreds of people cramped up together don’t seem to mind the loud music, the pushing and shoving, no one complains for fresh air, everyone’s there to just let it all go.  Be it a bad day, a bad break-up, friends you haven’t bumped into for a long time, fear not, DeeTee has a cure. For the next couple of hours, every single soul vibes with the beats of the songs, there is laughter, dancing, drama and right there in that moment, you know you’re going to be okay. I’m sure more than half the students of Manipal, present and those who have passed out, will agree that they got through these tough couple of years partly thanks to DeeTee.

DeeTee Manipal
The Manipal DeeTee Source:The Testimonial Comics

DeeTee isn’t one of those places you go once a semester, it’s the answer to questions like “So, what are we doing this Saturday night?” ALWAYS. DeeTee is NEVER empty. Even the loneliest of people find it hard to feel left out. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. People literally have to be thrown out at closing time, ‘because no one ever wants to leave!

DeeTee can never shut down. This is where the dreams are born, where the tears turn to laughter, and hostility turns into hugs. DeeTee is not just another hangout place, it’s THE hangout place. It’s not just a roof over a couple of college kids, it’s a movement, a very special one at that. DeeTee will live on forever, enriching lives of the generations to come. You will always find students who’ve passed out of Manipal, going back to their hometown and go to incredibly posh pubs and thinking to themselves “nahi yaar, DeeTee jaisi feel nahi hai.” You can take us out of Manipal, but you can never take the DeeTee out of us. And thus, DeeTee will live on forever, in your hearts and mine.

“There can be another you and another me, but there can never be another DeeTee.”



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This is a Guest Post by Ahana an 8th Sem student at MIT, Manipal. Read more of her rambles at:



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