This bug will bite down on you; disease contagious

There’s an epidemic going around that’s striking more and more people by the minute. It’s harmless, in fact exposure is encouraged. Once you’re exposed, it’s inevitable that you will expose it to someone else. This epidemic can’t be denied by any doctor.

It is called, Randomitis Activitis Kindnesses. Translation, Random Acts of Kindness (R. A. of K).

It’s symptoms are unexplained urges to be kind. The person who receives this kindness will acquire the same urge . It’s so big Oprah Winfrey had a show about it. In her show, she went out and proved its effectiveness. For example, she paid for the car behind her to cross a bridge. When the person behind her heard what she had done, he paid for the person behind him and it went on like a domino effect.

The great part about this epidemic is, you need not be exposed to acquire the sudden urge to be kind. There are may ways you can expose people.

Be kind period.

Random acts of kindness

Here are methods that will work to spread kindness to the world, as shown on Oprah.

  • Put money in an expired meter to help the person avoid a ticket.
  • Give your neighbors dog a biscuit.
  • Give a coupon to someone, or place coupons on items in a super market.
  • Let a car cut in front of you.

There are many ways lo expose R.A. of K.  R.A.of K might be a way to make this world a better place to live in, at least a start. So what are you wailing for, go out and spread it.

And maybe, if this epidemic does spread, we can slop worrying about riots, racism, violence, hatred, discrimination etc. lt would be boring, but this form of boredom I shall definitely enjoy.

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