Theatrical end to Utsav 2014 – Shruthi Menon

Create the base with a high-ranking university, add a few thousand students, a healthy dose of faculty and a dollop of logistical efficiency to make the ingredients sing together. Bring the brimming concoction to a simmer and season with art and culture and top it off with sheer talent and sill. UTSAV 2014 follows that age-old Manipal recipe for perfection that is only bettered by the year and turns out doing its very best this year. UTSAV 2014 brings to an end another year of hard work and preparation with its last set of events.

On a balmy Saturday morning, students huddled together, kneading, mixing and moulding the earth into models of art on the last day of UTSAV 2014.

Clay modelling requires a dexterity that an age-old tradition and a very underrated profession calls for, and the students did their very best making their creations exhibit the craft’s wonders. The rest of the day then left the stage to pay homage to the various intricacies that come under that giant umbrella of theatre.

Theatre is a different art altogether and in fact one that encompasses all other art forms. Every dramatic act is like the brush work of a painter. It involves the rhythm of a dancer, and is orchestrated like a fine musician. Theatre involves all that is life and then surpasses the monotone of life adding colour and vibrancy to it. It is an art of living. Whether with a mime artist who says it all without uttering a word, or a street perform-er who with loud theatrics becomes a social commentator and political informer for the proletariat; or as a clever censor of all that is infiltrated through the masses through the power of the media with mad-ads.

Fashion Show Utsav 2014 Manipal

The jewel on the UTSAV crown makes a show at the end, the most anticipated event of the year: the fashion show. The Fashion Show is a performance of the representatives of popular culture, picking a theme each and designing clothes, choreographing movement and playing the seductress to an audience already seduced. The event draws crowds in large numbers making the final day of the fest every year a memorable one.Utsay is indeed a cultural extravaganza.

This year Kasturba Medical College, Manipal retained the UTSAV trophy by scoring 210 points, followed by Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore and Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore with 172 and 138 points respectively.

About the Author: This article was written by Shruthi Menon for the Utsav Newsletter issue 04.

Create the base with a high ranking university, add a few thousand students, a healthy dose of faculty and a dollop of logistical effi-ciency to make the ingredients sing together. Bring the brimming con-coction to a simmer and season with art and culture and top it off with sheer talent and sill. UTSAV 2014 follows that age old Manipal recipe for perfection that is only bettered by the year and turns out doing its very best this year. UTSAV 2014 brings to an end another year of hard work and preparation with its last set of events.

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