Theater on the Lawns – Baduku Bayulu

The Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities is hosting a play on Saturday, 19th April. Based on the autobiography of A Revathi, Baduku Bayulu is a Kannada representation directed by M. Ganesh and performed by Janamanadata, Heggodu. The play will be held on the lawn of the Centre, starting at 7pm. Be there!

A.Revathi, the transgender activist, wrote her autobiography “The Truth About Me: A Hijra Life Story” and it was published by Penguin. It was translated to Kannada as “Baduku Bayalu” by Du. Saraswati. The group of trained actors from Heggodu named ‘Janamanadaata’ adapted this autobiography into the stage. Revathi watched the play and wondered whether she can play her own role in it. She contacted the director of the play M.Ganesh, and now she is a part of the theatre group. Perhaps, for the first time in the history of Kannada theatre, a hijra woman is playing her own role.

See the flyer for the details of the performance in Manipal.Baduku Bayalu

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