The woes of women in our Society

A 23-year-old girl got gang raped in a bus moving in the posh areas of our capital; whereas the perpetrator of the Mumbai Blast on 26/11 was treated as a guest of our country, resulting in the wastage of crores of money. Even Education hub is not insulated from such incidents. The recent assault at Manipal yet again proved that women are not safe anywhere. sa_everyones_issue we belong to such a great nation where terrorists are safer than the women folk; there are people with the mentality of imposing a “proper” dress code for females rather than elevating their standard of thinking. The way women are portrayed in our so called society is the reason for such thinking of people. Since childhood they see females as objects for pleasure, without considering their feelings.  A society can never develop if females are under estimated or dominated. violence-women1-640x480 We are living in the 21st Century, the “Modern Era” but such incidences shake the very roots of our society, our morals, the traditions that we follow. How can someone be so cruel? How could someone commit such an inhuman act? Was it the fault of the dress we wear!? Don’t we have the right to wear whatever we feel like? I thought we got our freedom 60 long years ago but I was wrong. The Britishers may have gone long ago but we are living in a society with oppression of a different kind. A society, which although provides us with a constitution enlisting different kinds of freedom, written under different sections, but aren’t they there just to be read rather than to be actually cherished? Thousands of such cases are pending in courts for years and the victims are living their life without any fear or guilt. This will go on and on and one day the victim will have lived a comfortable life and died his natural death and as a result case will close. based-on-Delhi-Rape-Case-41783 Nowadays people think wearing a “Burkha” or “Chador” would lead to a decrease in the number of such cases. This shows where our society is heading to. If this really works, can someone please tell me why women wearing saris or salwaar-kameez have been raped too, sexually harassed and molested? Isn’t it the fault of male population who are never being taught to respect the female society? Using power against the will of a woman doesn’t make them a man. It makes them weak and inhuman. Why don’t they understand that it’s a woman who is responsible for their existence in this world; it’s a woman who nurtured them, carried them in their womb for 9 months? And if they still can’t respect a woman, they don’t deserve to live in this society. download Women now-a-days are not safe; neither in a womb nor in their own houses.  Female foeticide has become such a common occurrence in India that it’s appalling! Even though it is an illegal act according to our laws, people do not hesitate in committing such a heinous crime. When they have a female child, people don’t educate them because according to them it is a waste of money for them. It is a female who builds the character of her child and if she is illiterate how can we expect her to raise a strong child, a responsible citizen of this nation? female-soldier-brilliantly-calls-out-military-for-blaming-victims-of-sexual-assault After being aware of all this, let’s pledge to create a society worth living in for a girl, to give her a life where she’s respected, where her dignity is intact. Send in your comments and contributions to [email protected] or [email protected].

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