The Utsav Pierian Spring – Keshav P

Day 1 of UTSAV 2014 witnessed three different literary events that truly showcased the high level of independent thought that exists among the students of Manipal University. Debate, Extempore and Potpourri are three events that have no blueprint for success.UTSAV 2014

The topic for the debate this year was, “Should delay in execution of court orders call for commuting capital punishment? Its implications on civil society.” 15 colleges affiliated to Manipal University participated this year. The debate began at 9:00 AM. This early start did not impede the level of competition or intensity of the contestants. Capital punishment is a topic that brings about a multitude of feelings within every responsible citizen of the civilized world.

The competition was a microcosm of opinions from different citizens of the world. At the end of the day the judges were convinced by the case put forth by the participants of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal awarding them the first place. The teams that finished the top three were the participants from KMC, Mangalore and Manipal University, Dubai.

Extempore is an event which requires students to think on their feet, making impromptu speeches on single word topics given to them just three minutes before their allotted slot. The participant from ICAS, Manipal won the event followed by the participants of KMC, Manipal and MCODS, Mangalore.

About the Author: This report was filed by Keshav P for the Utsav 2014 newsletter Issue 01.

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