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The (un)solved mystery - sujit horakeri 1Theme: The first day of college, a love note, and I suddenly saw a light at a distance…

“To the 11 couples who were found murdered the past night alone, in the most recognized college of the Infinite city, Season’s college of engineering and technology, there seems to be an addition of 2 more, to the ever threateningly increasing gazetteer.” read the color commentator on the radio.
“The spellbinding thing being that, the butcher kills the couple when they aren’t together.” added the commentator.
Steven turned off the radio only to switch it on after 5 minutes,
“998761234, is the number through which the murderer is sending a message which reads IT‘S HIGH TIME and THE END, after 2 hours of the first message, to the protagonist before killing their male partner and 998765123, is the number which the murderer is using to signify the message to the male partner, informed the investigator and also added that these two numbers aren’t located at a same place and are tracked to be at a distance of 100 miles away from each other, which indicates that there is more than 1 murderer” the commentator affirmed.
Steven halted the car, took out the phone immediately and dialed a number only to listen to a pre-recorded voice which said ‘The number you are trying to call is currently not reachable’. Tensed Steven took an U-turn and raced away swiftly in urgency.
“Who do you suspect to be behind all these murders?” question the reporter.
“Suspicion is not our duty, investigation is.” replied the officer.
“Any evidences found or any progress made in identifying the murderer?” catechized a reporter voicing to his peak, standing at the end of the mob of reporters, trying to place his cherry on the cake.
“It’s just another version of the previous question, but definitely one which is answerable.” the officer said and took out a letter from his left pocket and handed it to the press adding, “This is the reason behind all the murders.”
Dear love,
I was all alone in a life filled with loneliness and forlornness. You came into my life like a drop of rain in a desert, like a blade of grass in a barren land, like a left-rotated C on an expressionless face, like a life in a dead body. Life has certainly been rejuvenated ever since I have seen you. Having you in my life would be a pleasure to gain which, I could do anything, but if, if and only if you too have the same feeling which I have for you.

Always yours
The letter reads, surprisingly the closing of the letter is not followed by a signature, which certainly makes it a not so helpful clue to the investigators” Reported the correspondent.
“How exactly do the police believe that this is the reason behind all the murders?” questioned the anchor
“Riley, what the police say is, this murderer was a student of Season’s college of engineering and technology, who was deprived of his love. They added, according to the information they gathered, his love was one year younger to him, who was ragged by her seniors, on the first day of her college, to the extreme and was molested and raped while she was returning back home that same day. They also informed that this girl after suffering from all these, decided to give up her life, but the queer thing about all this is nobody knows or rather nobody is ready to reveal the name of this girl, neither her dead body is identified nor the molesters which is resulting in them living a life which they aren’t supposed to.” briefed the
“But, how exactly does this love note whose copies are being handed to the press, by the police is identified as the one written by the murderer?”
“The investigators say that this love note is being left behind, on the murder spots by the murderer and they say that the murderer has left behind this note on all the spots where the students of Season’s college have been murdered except the first 3.” cleared the reporter.
Lisa turned off the TV and took her phone on her left hand, she was
about to dial a number and her phone sounded.
“Where were these cell phones found?” the reporter put forth his question to the chief investigator.
“These phones were found on two ends of the Infinite city. These were placed under the tree in the Rock garden located on the south end and the other near Crystal lake which is located to the north end of this city.” expounded the officer and added,
“We also can confidently say that there is only one murderer since he used the same phone through which he used to call these two phones and
on receiving the call from that number, which were switched to auto answer mode, the victims used to receive those messages one followed by the other after 2 hours of time.”
“What is the number through which the murderer used to call these two numbers?” questioned another reporter standing to the right of the officer.
“Well, yeah it’s 998765123 and we request all the citizens to kindly inform us if and when anybody does receive any call or message from this number. Needless to ask us to inform if anybody know the user of this number.”
“The breaking news that we are getting right now, from our reliable sources, is that the murderer has been caught, but the police hasn’t made it official yet” the anchor revealed and added “let us contact our correspondent Mike Johnson for more information on this”
“So Mike, what’s the latest update on this issue?” asked the anchor
“Riley, according to our sources what we can confirm is that the murderer has been caught as a result of them tracing the owner of that number which the police earlier revealed. We are expecting an official confirmation any mome.. Here, here they come.”
“We are proud to say that our team has finally managed to catch the culprit who was behind all these murders. I would like to congratulate my team which has worked 24*7 to solve this case.” The chief investigator said.
“But, how did you manage to catch him?” questioned a voice, while another reporter questioned, “Where did you find him?”
There were multiple questions that were put forth and the officer could hardly differentiate and understand the questions properly,
“Well, our crew had traced the number not the one we announced to the
press, I would like to apologize for giving wrong information, but we had to do that for the betterment of this city. Our officers were following the owner of that number for about 13 hours and when we confirmed that it’s indeed him, we managed to catch him.” described the officer.
“How did you confirm that this was the real culprit?” asked another reporter present at the press conference.
“We were carefully observing the murderer, he took out the phone and sent  a message and we instantly called the network provides and confirmed of what the number to which he sent the message to and the content of that message as well and yeah it was a IT‘S HIGH TIME message from that same number. Exactly two hours later he removed the phone and before he could send the message we attacked him and caught him. It’s as simple as this.” elucidated the officer with a broad grin on his chubby cheeked face.
“Exactly 24 hours after the police revealed that they have managed to catch the culprit, it has been found that another couple have been murdered who are identified as Steven Jones and Jenna Morrison, but this time around, according to our sources, the culprit has not murdered them at the same time, but the body of his girlfriend looks like it is well over 4 days since the life in it vanished” the correspondent briefed
“What did the police say about the one they caught? Is he the real culprit or is he an innocent?” the anchor asked the reporter.
“The police have not commented anything on this issue, but we might see that, this so called murderer might not be the one they are behind.”
“We would like to apologize to Mr. Kevin Grant for the misinterpretation of him as the murderer. And we would also like to clarify that, Steven Jones who was found dead yesterday itself is the culprit, he was the one who murdered all the 13 members and their girlfriend’s of the 14 who were involved in molesting and raping Jenna Morrison, who had committed a suicide after that incident. Thereby we clear all the charges on Mr. Kevin Grant.” declared the chief investigator.
“But how did you people get to know that Steven Jones was the murderer?” questioned a reporter
“Well, we found a letter written by Mr. Steven Jones himself in which he had apologized for what he did and had also mentioned that he was forced to commit this crime since, he didn’t feel jailing those molesters would be no punishment when compared to what they deserve. He also revealed how he used that software which fooled us in thinking Mr. Kevin Grant as the culprit.” cleared the officer.
“What software is that? And how did that fool you officers?” asked an ingenious reporter
“By using that software he could use the number of Mr. Kevin Grant to send messages whenever he called to his number, it would automatically send that messages to the number programmed in that software. And whenever he called Mr. Kevin Grant there use to be no missed calls instead it would simply vibrate and send the messages, which is what made us to think that Mr. Kevin Grant was the culprit.” he explained and added, “Mr. James Clemson, who was the 14th member and the only one who was innocent among the 14, as per that letter which Mr. Steven Jones wrote, also confirmed that it was this girl indeed whom his friends molested and raped, he will be taken to court, for not informing this to the police earlier and will be judged there.”


“The news that’s just breaking in is that the14th member, who was the only alive among the 14 member group who molested and raped late Ms. Jenna Morrison has been found dead on the Cassin road.” the anchor said as Lisa turned off the TV soon after seeing the light at the distance through the window, needless to say that light or those light in-fact were the headlight of his car.

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  1. what a story man!!!!! love, suspense, crime, tech all in one!!!!! awesome story!!! The ending is bit unclear but i ll get back……

  2. well…hats off man!!! How in this world can you think of a suspense story on a theme which is purely based on love????!!!!!
    but the ending is sort of confusing, but I will find it out and get back…..:)

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