The Truth About the K-MARISET Server: MB Exclusive

Recently we posted a ‘Manipal Tip’ on our Facebook page which was about the ‘K-Mariset’ server. Those who don’t know about it, K-Mariset Server was every students dream. A huge collection of movies, TV shows and music all accessible through a simple click. And believe it or not, the time taken to download a movie would never exceed 30 minutes. It was very popular among the students of Manipal until one day it just stopped working. Many of us had doubts over the reason behind this. So, after the tip which we posted yesterday, Ketan Marisetty , a student of Manipal University (class of 2012) who was the founder of the server, contacted us. He told about the actual events which led to the closing of the server abruptly. We decided to share it with our readers. So here is what Ketan had to say:

The server did run for 2.5 years in Manipal starting from October 2008 and reaching its final days in January 2011. The server had garnered over 1.5 TB of movies, TV shows & music videos which was openly shared over the ION Network. This enabled people in MAHE Hostels, Library, Food Court and other places which had wired or wireless ION access to utilize an FTP server under the alias of “K-Mariset PC“. To make things much easier, a file known as “Kmariset-Server.exe” was created to enable users to have a One-Click entry into the contents of the FTP server from their PC‘s.

Everyday the server’s content was updated with TV shows and movies thanks to the efforts made by some of its users as well as its admin. A “drop box” was created to allow people to upload their collection of shows & movies, which helped strengthen the process of daily updating.

Despite power shortages, the server ran 24/7 thanks to a backup UPS and the reliability of backup generators in the MAHE hostels. Also, the hardware used to run K-Mariset PC further enhanced the reliability from which the college community greatly benefited from. After a couple of years of providing a great service, the server became very well-integrated into the life of students at Manipal University.

This is probably the reason why many people till this day carry a question in their minds about why the server had prematurely reached its end. Unfortunately, the answer to this is very simple. The staff running and maintaining ION made a quick phone call saying that it was against University policy to be exploiting their network infrastructure in this manner and that it had to be shut down to prevent things from getting too serious.

For others interested in sharing their media over the ION network, it should be possible to do so by having the right configuration, hardware, and lastly permission. But there may be some loopholes found in following this criteria in order to make things work out much more easily. It would be great if we can once again make an effort in initiating media-sharing with exceptionally high download speeds. Guys, let’s bring back the good old days!

We hope that your questions are answered by this post and we look forward to the possibility of Manipal having a legitimate media sharing system in the coming future. Cheers!

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  1. i have over 4 TB data collected over past few years in Manipal.
    Be it movies, TV series, games, music, OSes, etc. i wish if ion could allow us to start it again.

  2. I almost trace routed this server, and found its location.
    It was really agreat place for new releases of movies TV series.
    Thank You Ketan Marisetty. for your service

    Inspired by K-Mariset I made a similar FTP sever,
    but when I left none care to admin that.

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