The Sweet Taste Of Revenge – Ganesh Raheja


The sweet taste of revenge - ganesh raheja 1There was a time that I was a star , Glittering and shining ,


The Moon seemed a companion to me whenever I felt like whining ,


A fellow star knocked me , and crashed on earth diving,


Then I realized , what is there in life worth the struggle and striving.


Now I see faces which are deceptive ,to whom exploitation of souls gains them their incentives


I dream about it all, like everything flashes before me as negatives.


I might take a run , but they are meant to follow


And when I turn back , the minions of death seem hollow .


They wear masks , with no emotions to show .


All the servants of devil , By whom their souls were plowed .


They have hollow eyes where the joy of vengeance glows


Once considered as friends , now they resemble foes .


They come into your life, and make you trust them.


Then you become the first choice for them to condemn!


You feel at once, that you are devoid of delusions,


But meeting such masked faces, you shall realize that this too was an illusion.


Some come back in your life, and make it shine again,


And make you realize , that you’re not the only one against your fiend.

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