The Souls of Real India Live in Villages

“If the villages perish, India will perish too”, was an assumption made by Gandhi as he believed villages are the backbone of a nation and are self-sufficient, honest and peaceful. The majestic skyscrapers in cities and metropolis have their roots in villages, as the raw products are produced in the villages.

Gram panchayat assembles for decision making in a village

During the earlier times of India, villages were the key to determine the economic conditions of kingdoms. However, the artists and weavers of the cottage industries were forced to give up their profession and move from villages to different cities where they worked as labourers for very low wages. But after independence, the government gave more importance to the rural economic growth and agricultural development.

In rural areas, the entire community always stays united. Everyone has the right to live his or her lives in his or her own way. The lives of the people rest on the laps of nature. Living alongside nature, villagers are able to understand and appreciate nature in a way that city dwellers just cannot, their practices are both environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

The negligence of the government towards the development of the rural areas greatly affects the villagers. The primary sector provides employment and livelihood to around 60% of the country’s population but only contributes 12% of the GDP, this is down from around 50% back in 1950. Incomes of people working agriculture have plummeted while people working in the other two sectors have prospered, this has led to a massive shift of wealth from rural(where most work in the primary sector) to urban areas. I dare to oppose the government so that we can bring about changes and make our villages, the pride of our country.

This article has been written by Sreenidhi, a 10th grade student of Afflatus Global School. It is part of the Rural India Week Series by Lakshya – The Agri Club of MAHE

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