The Six Species of Students that you see in a lecture

A Classroom at College
1. The Front Bencher –
  • Still carries a pencil box with 3 pens, 2 well –sharpened pencils , an eraser , sharpener and a whitener in case any spelling mistakes are made.
  • Has exhaustive notes of every lecture and a small time-table with regards to completion of portion (stuck on the inside of his cupboard)
2. Man in the Middle-
  • Always confused. Is torn between the dilemma of paying attention in the lecture and living it up with the back-benchers. Eventually doesn’t end up enjoying at either end.
  • Generally the last one to make up his mind during a mass lecture bunk as he wants to be the ‘nerdy guy’ and the ‘party guy’.
3. Back- Burner-
  • Literally the ‘ass-of-the-class’. Hoots, throws chalk, plays weird ringtones in the middle of the lecture and keeps a tab on the attendance sheet all throughout the lecture.
  • Generally enters much after the lecture has commenced and occasionally sneaks out of the back-door much before the lecture ends.
4. The Sleeper Class-
  • Location does not change the occupation. Can sleep whenever and wherever.Occasionally does not make a pretty sight because of all the snoring and drooling.
  • Is generally a big fan of the Audio-Visual Apparatus. Slide Shows require dimmed lights and provide a perfect ambiance for a short snooze.
5. Couple Capers-
  • Doesn’t matter where they sit as long as they are next to each other. Generally provide a lot of space for others on the same bench as they take up less space than that required for 2 people.
  • Spend the lecture blushing, whispering sweet-nothings , looking into each others eyes and more of such pukey mushy stuff.
6. The Invisibles-
  • Not present in the lecture , but present on the attendance sheet.
  • They are generally those who send you the first message of the day, every single day- ‘ Good Morning. Please put my proxy today. Thanks.’

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