The Plight

Victims of innocence, to lament left to spare,
Countless of fragile hearts, torn in utter despair,
Endowed with forlorn hopes, a vigil prayer and mourn,
Seeking a peaceful solace, for those long gone,
On that fateful episode, on a sunny summer morn’,

Youthful soul of a dozen, their dreams forever perish,
Remorse and sheer sadness, mingled with eternal tarnish,
For acquaintance bonded so close, soon a perpetual banish,
Tears of sadness, one is rendered to punish,
Memories and faint recollections, is all one can cherish.

Why such sorrow, manifests an excruciating pain,
The silent anguish of guilt, we cry in vain,
For what is lost, never to redeem or gain,
Stolen moments of joy, of lost hours slain,
Foolish is the human soul, to repeat a mistake again.

To exile this inevitable grief, bestow a minute and solemnly pray,
For all the time vanquished, in every ordinary day,
Would it be wise, to swiftly change our ways?
To elude idle thoughts, and maintain our virtues never to sway,
Be bold and brave, and you will never go astray.

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