The pangs of a scorching Manipal summer


Sweet drops from heaven
Trickling down your face, fumes rise
It pours in summer

The coastal region has always been lined with cities with no winter experience, what-so-ever. The winters here are as good as mild summers. The only cool time is the monsoon, when it rains and rains and yes, rains more! So broadly we have only two climates here, the rainy and the summer. It’s a given fact, giving scope to no complains. Having stayed a good 10 years in Udupi/Manipal, the heat waves this time just shocked me. I think everyone would agree it’s been the hottest this summer.

the rumors about manipal are they trueThe rooms feel like over-heated ovens and there’s no sleep to catch amidst the tossing and turning on the bed all night, until i throw myself on the floor, which gives me some relief. Ahhh! The unbearable pangs of heat! Getting out of home without an umbrella is like inviting sun-burns or a super-tanned skin. You must have noticed the impression of your footwear tattooed white on your feet, or that of your wrist-watch etching it’s way on your hands. You haven’t ? I certainly have! Thanks to the scorching sun.

Don’t you sweat profusely like you’ve run a thousand miles, when all you’ve done is walk a few steps? Total dehydration. I wonder where all the water and liquids I drink goes with not many rounds to the loo. My insides burn, wishing i could turn myself inside out. Oh the nuttiness summer brings out in me and everyone around! Lots and lots of fluids to be taken in and try not walking without an umbrella, cap or a hat. Loose clothes that breathe would be ideal to wear.

Sunscreens/sunblocks are a must this summer. And with the information i gathered from the net, for a hot place like Manipal, do not go for something less than SPF 30. Natural products are better because greater the SPF, more are the chemicals that go into it causing proble30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001ms of their own. And if you did not know what the level of Sun Protection Factor stands for, then let me tell you with an example. A certain sunscreen with SPF 30 says that if it takes ‘x’ minutes for the sun to cause damage to your skin without sunscreen, it would take ’30*x’ minutes with the application of the same! So one with a lower SPF level would have to be reapplied more frequently than the one with a higher level.

Anyway, we have seen the occasional light rains this month. Speculating some more showers this summer to give us that temporary feeling of coolness. Wishing and praying for more soon. Today’s been a cloudy day with light thunders and a few drizzles. Amazing feeling. Manipal is made for rains i feel. The beauty of Manipal is at its peak these times. So carrying your umbrella around is not a bad idea, it will protect you both from the rain and the sun… and yes, the dogs too!!!



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