The necessity of Failure

Those who would succeed in any field must first become failures. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. One should welcome every opportunity for failure, for the sooner one learns to fail consistently, the sooner he can climb the staircase to success.

It is not a sign of goodness or talent or genius to escape failure; it is rather sheer cowardice. Some elaboration may be necessary, Emily Dickinson astutely pointed out that success is best understood by those who contemplate it from a distance — that is, failure. Therefore it stands to reason that the longer the period of contemplation, the better one’s understanding of success – and hence, the better prepared he is to glory in it when he finally reached his destination.

Nothing should be allowed to overshadow the personal benefits bequeathed upon those who travel the road of ignominy which leads, in the end, to immortality. The traveler can, with enough effort, cultivate patience, acceptance,and humility; and all of these will make him a better person. He  will learn patience during his long quest for the golden prize; he will learn to accept the burdens of life which he cannot conquer; and he will be humbled by the multitude of his own faults which he must correct until he finally reaches utter perfection.

Ultimately, those who survive the perilous course of failure will emerge triumphant and will then be free to assert their artistry and craft-fulness. They will be hailed as heroes by their lesser counterparts who will praise their integrity for not having dropped out of the race. Lesser men would have learned to hide their shortcomings.

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