The Mobile Phone and Rural India

Mobile Not So Mobile

The quality of life and economic well being of people in rural parts of India has increased by and large in the past few years. Agriculture has been the most critical occupation of people living in villages and from many surveys we get to know that mobiles have been helpful for them right from initial stages about cultivation on seeds and fertilizers. It has also helped them during the harvesting process. Previously the crop was mostly sold to intermediaries who sell their crops to buyers in towns and cities. Now, due to mobile phones, farmers can quickly sell their products without having to face any losses as they can also enquire about the costs in the nearby markets.

In rural areas, they face several challenges related to health due to unavailability of proper doctors in cases of emergency. However, now its become more comfortable to call an ambulance or take help of any relatives staying away from their places within seconds. It also became easier for them to know the importance of education and through mobile phones, they can even attend online classes, and they are even given a chance to improve their communication skills which is very helpful for them when they move out to urban cities. The mobile phone made their lives easier.

The main limitation of using mobiles in rural areas is charging them. There are a lot of power cuts over there, and it would be harder to use them for long hours and the electricity bill increases, which will be a burden to the. Also, operating it is not easy for them. The recharge costs are high, which can or cannot be afforded by the residents. The call also gets dropped regularly due to distance and non-functional mobile towers.

If providing basic amenities, such as electricity, hospital access, education is given more importance in the first place, it would make their lives much easier than a gadget would.

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